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This is me...a happy wife, mom to three awesome boys, teacher to the aforementioned boys (we homeschool), chauffeur to karate, archery and swim team practices, scrapbooker and founder of the Good Grief Blog.
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True story

After we finished our morning schoolwork today, Asher stuck a piece of tape on Micah's forehead randomly. He declared it the mark of awesomeness. Things then escalated from "awww, that's a clever way to ensure your brother doesn't smack you" to, well, this. 

I'm not really sure what else to say. ;)

I'm not ashamed to admit that I laughed right out loud when Micah realized that removing the tape from his eyebrows and hair (yes, he had some in his hair earlier) hurt.

Gotta give Asher points for the "curly-q's" on his mustache, beard and earrings. 

(And, PS, I hadn't noticed but it looks like Asher's actually growing. Look! He's more than an inch or so taller than Micah...which is what he was last time I was paying attention.)


Ten on Tuesday

1. I neglected to document it earlier, partly because Valentine's Day irks me, lol. But. Despite knowing that I don't expect or need anything for the occasion, Nathan did make the day lovely with these awesome tulips (and some chocolate dipped strawberries and pecans and some fun spending money). Love. :)

2. Just a random picture I snapped a week or so ago because I thought it was a dandy tee...

3. I bet you didn't know that Asher's feet have names. Yup. True story. The left one is Joe and the right one is Bob. I can't make this stuff up. They've been named that way for at least a year. Sometimes they have conversations.

(Incidentally, his shoes are John (left) and Hancock (right). No joke.)

4. A couple weeks ago, Noah was seen by our orthodontist for the first time. (She's been seeing the younger two for more than 3 years, lol.) Both the pediatrician and our dentist recommended he see someone about possible TMJ issues (jaw popping issues that apparently have the potential to cause problems). Turns out, though, that he doesn't have TMJ. Whew. Boy just has a flip top head. ;) 

5. But. In her examination, she discovered that he has a 12 year molar that's "stuck" and unlikely to emerge on its own. This led to a referral to an oral surgeon to cut away the gum tissue and wiggle that molar to encourage it. Apparently, if it doesn't get help, the lower molar will lack anything to chew against and may rise too high, resulting in both molars needing to be extracted. It would also prevent the wisdom tooth from emerging, causing more trouble there, too. Anyhow. Long story, short(er)...we now have an appointment to have both the 12 year molar exposed and the neighboring wisdom tooth extracted. Awesome. (Noah's thrilled he'll get to start his spring break on this note, lol.)

6. On Sunday, the younger two decided to head out into the snow:

They lasted less than 10 minutes before they came hurrying back inside. (It took them longer than that to get bundled up, lol.) When asked why they were back inside, they proclaimed themselves very much too cold on account that they'd taken off their gloves and stuck their arms in the snow for awhile. Hmm.

7. The next day, when I dropped them off for Options and the temperature was a balmy 8 degrees, they refused to take so much as a jacket with them. I tried! Honest! I chose to pick my battles and be glad that I'd gotten them into pants and long sleeve tops. (Yes, they had on shorts and tees first.) (Their reasoning turned out to work fine, btw, as they weren't allowed to go outside all day anyhow...they hadn't wanted to carry their jackets or coats around with them from class to class.)

8. The next day (today), this is what I found when Noah talked them into an early afternoon snowball fight:

Asher speedily decked himself out entirely for the snow (boots, snow pants, parka, gloves...overkill, really) while Micah simply threw on Crocs. Yup. Don't be misled by the sunshine, either. It was still only about 30 degrees. (Noah, meanwhile, could have used gloves but was otherwise more appropriately attired in shoes and jacket and such. Of course.)

9. With more snow on the way tomorrow afternoon/evening, I'm delighted to have these new short boots:

I treated myself to these a week or so ago during our heat wave. I debated a good bit but ultimately decided that if I didn't buy them (and they were on clearance!), it would be tempting fate. ;) (My reasoning for buying them was that I completely lack any shoes appropriate for wearing in wet conditions other than clunky snow boots. (These are waterproof.) I have sandals, running shoes (which are rather mesh-like), a couple pairs of heels and dress boots...no just shoes shoes.) 

10. We're watching Big Hero 6 right now. Great movie! (We also saw it in the theater but bought the dvd today.) Of course, I made watching this tonight contingent on boys watching Beauty and the Beast first, lol.

Back story: Back in January, I posted on Facebook about how I'm thinking that my boys are lacking in the fairy tale exposure department. With help from Facebook friends, I've now got a list of movies I'm making boys watch. ;) So far, we've tackled Lilo & Stitch, Sleeping Beauty, Maleficent, Cinderella, Mulan, Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast. I have a running list on Netflix and at the library. Boys are pretty not thrilled with me but I'm having a blast. ;)

(Incidentally, the younger two are only admitting to liking Mulan and Lilo & Stitch so far. Noah's sticking with stubborn denial of liking any of them at all, lol.)


#33 Finish my unfinished projects for others

Woohoo! A few months ago I finally finished the wedding album I've been promising my sister, Rebekah, for more than seven years...and delivered it to her at about their 13.3 year anniversary. Better late than never, right? ;) I also finished up the Scotland album for my inlaws (from a trip they took in the summer of 2012). (Comparatively, that one was right on time, eh? lol)



#38 Establish regular date nights

Here's another one from the list.

I've been taking my boys out in turns "officially" as of last October. To date, we've enjoyed the arcade at Fort Fun, been to the theater, gone ice skating, practiced some archery, eaten out and done some shopping. All good. :)


#34 Go Ice Skating

Catching up...

Yup, cross this one off the list


Micah and I went ice skating back in November (and we all went again in December).

Check. ;)