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This is me...a happy wife, mom to three awesome boys, teacher to the aforementioned boys (we homeschool), chauffeur to karate, archery and swim team practices, scrapbooker and founder of the Good Grief Blog.
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So, after Micah's last foray into ice skating, he decided we should all go. :) Last night, then, we headed out to the Centerra Ice Rink again...which was much busier than the last time Micah and I were there (practically alone), as it turned out to be a free night, unbeknownst to us. Still. It was pretty fun. 

Yes, Nathan was deliberately pulling on Noah. :) (Noah, btw, would like to point out that taller people apparently have a more difficult time with ice skating due to their higher center of gravity, lol.)

This was actually Asher's very first time ice skating (he missed out when his brothers were initially introduced to it due to his broken arm) and it went okay. We managed to snag one of the assister things (like a big plastic walker on the ice) about half way through our time and that made a big difference to his happiness. :) By the end, he was back to trying on his own...not nearly as steady as Micah but keeping up somewhat with Noah. (Micah was skating about two or three laps to his brothers' one...which helps explain why he's still excited about going back, lol.) 

Regardless of speed, though, a good time was had by all. :)


No lines

Score another point for homeschooling! :) With Noah out a week earlier than the other local schools and Asher and Micah still homeschooling, we hit Old Town today just after lunch to see Santa...with absolutely no lines. Woohoo!

Here's our picture:

Noah actually put up considerably less of a fight than last year (he acknowledged ahead of time that he'd cooperate since the younger two would just badger him until he joined in anyhow, lol), and we were all just thrilled to get in out of the cold. :)

The younger two were quite efficient in their list-sharing with Santa and I love how easy the Old Town Santa station makes things. (I always just buy the picture on CD.) Asher was a bit distraught that I wouldn't let him take the candy cane from Santa (thanks, braces!) but Micah thought it was awesome, as he ended up with two. ;p

And that was our annual Santa visit.


Deck the halls

Last night we finally decked the halls and finished putting up our Christmas decorations! Yay, us!

(Now off to work on cards and gifts and such, lol...)


Out of the hack

Yesterday Nathan and I journeyed down to the Denver Curling Club...

...where, together with our friends Molly & Mark (and about 24 other people), we took a two hour class to learn the basics of curling. 

This was me during our initial practices pushing out of the hack (those things that look like starter's blocks)...just learning to stay balanced. It's tricky, folks!

Altogether, we learned some of the lingo, began figuring out how to deliver the rock (preferably without falling over, lol), made our attempts at sweeping and got to play a couple ends! We ended up tied with the other team, and Nathan managed to score for us with a sweet shot right on the button! I managed, finally, to get my last rock at least into play (past the far hog line), lol. It's further than it looks and difficult to judge how much oomph to put behind it. :)

Thanks to having watched the British coverage of the last winter Olympics, I felt at least familiar with how it all worked...which helped. :)

Basically, it was stinkin' awesome...we seriously had so much fun!! 



So yesterday was the big day. Asher started his journey with braces. :) Most of the day (and the week leading up to it) he was pretty miffed about the whole thing and walked around with a scowl and muttering to himself, having entire conversations with some pretend orthodontist about why he didn't really need braces. (You'd think maybe I'm making that up, but you'd be wrong, lol.)

But. Fortunately, he's still cooperative and let me take this "before" picture in the morning:

His appointment was in the afternoon, and the orthodontist and her staff were lovely...putting him at ease and explaining what would happen and just generally being efficient and kind. This is him as they were gathering a few last things to get started...

And then they were done. It was actually quicker than anticipated and went off without a hitch. Turns out, too, that they're going to ease him into things. They started just with the top, front braces. In January, we'll add the top, back braces. And then a month or so after that we'll finish things off with all the bottom braces. Ta da. :) 

Whew. :) Asher's in a much better mood now, actually. I think the apprehension and the unknown were the worst of it. So far there's not been too much pain. He says it just feels weird. I've explained that he should let me know when there's pain...that I don't dole out medicine for "weird." ;) (I fully anticipate that there will be more pain this afternoon, as that's what the orthodontist told me, but I'll take the happy smile this morning.)

(For what it's worth, Asher's pretty fortunate in that the list of "don'ts" doesn't really apply to him, as he already doesn't eat many of the things on the list and has always been a very careful eater--taking small bites and such. Really the only thing he'll be missing out on will be certain candies. Micah, on the other hand, has been looking at the list in anticipation of his own braces journey and is not very happy, lol...)