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This is me...a happy wife, mom to three awesome boys, teacher to two of the aforementioned boys (we homeschool), chauffeur to karate, archery and all sorts of other activities, former scrapbooker and founder of the 
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Life is good.



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26 years and a day

Yesterday, March 14, was the 26th anniversary of the day Nathan and I met. :) We went out to dinner (just the two of us) on Tuesday but spent most of Wednesday apart, with Nathan at work and me taking boys to the dentist and karate. But. In honor of Pi Day and our anniversary, the boys and I met up with Nathan at Waltzing Kangaroo for some delicious meat pies and dessert.

I was rather hungry so didn't manage to get a picture of the meat pies, lol, but took this one of our desserts:

(two custard tarts, a profiterole, a salted caramel slice and a mini apple pie)

And that's how we celebrated. :) Yummy!


Intramural Tournament

Last Friday night, I neglected to get a good picture at the end like I usually do (drat!), but I still wanted to share a great big congrats to my sweet Micah, who took first place in his group at the annual Karate West Intramural Tournament. He competed in black belt forms against a friend...

That's Asher presenting Micah with his first place medal. (It was decided that Asher was okay to be one of the judges for Micah's group since there were five of them, lol. Last year, Asher took care to not be one of Micah's judges.)

This was Micah's seventh year participating.

Hooray for karate!!


Braces OFF

Bright and early this morning, Micah got his braces off! He's pretty excited about the whole thing. ;) We'd thought they wouldn't be coming off until August, but apparently he was good to go after a little over 15 months, similar to Asher

Here's the before picture, taken back in November 2016 (after the kid negotiated with the orthodontist to wait until after Halloween to put the braces on):

And here's this morning: 

(Yes, he's wearing the same shirt. He wears it every time he goes to the orthodontist...something about free cookies when he's wearing it, lol.)

So. That's that. He now has his retainers and was delighted with his "Happy Braces Off Day" goodies from the orthodontist...candy bars, sparkling cider, cookies and a few other things...all after they also sang to him. Still so very pleased with Dr. Ebert's office. We'll still have some follow ups to make sure the retainers are doing their job, but mostly all done...with all three boys now.

Whew. :)


Heels over head...

Just popping in to share some pictures. Apparently, this is what you get when you combine six parkour classes, Asher's natural tendencies, and 67 degree weather over the weekend...

Yup. Guess it's a good thing he gets to practice on mats and spring floors at parkour class, lol. And...glad we took advantage of the lovely weather yesterday to go for a walk...since this morning it was about 11 degrees and snowing, of course. ;) 


Opening ceremonies

So. We've always enjoyed watching the Olympics and generally make time to watch the Opening Ceremonies. This year, inspired by a good friend who actually plans ahead and makes a meal based on the cuisine of the host country, we decided to actually make it into a bit of a celebration. (This was also in part because this year we didn't get to celebrate the Superbowl all together with our annual junk food party, lol.)

But. We didn't figure this all out or get on the ball enough to actually plan a meal based on Korean foods. And we already enjoy bulgogi with some regularity and don't enjoy kimchi, lol. But, according to my email and Facebook page, yesterday was apparently National Pizza Day...which led to this:

That's a cookie cake and a caesar salad on the bottom.

Get it?...

LOL. And that's how we chose to celebrate Opening Ceremonies this year!