Hi there.
This is me...a happy wife, mom to three awesome boys, teacher to two of the aforementioned boys (we homeschool), chauffeur to karate, archery and all sorts of other activities, former scrapbooker and founder of the 
Good Grief Blog.
Life is good.



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What's what

Sorry. I know I haven't been posting much. April and May are always busy. Here's a bit of what's what around here right now:

- Let's see. Micah has officially finished eighth grade, and I've officially finished homeschooling boys. We wrapped up our school year last week and both Asher & Micah will be at CEC starting in August. I've been selling off homeschooling supplies through our local homeschooling group. (Fortunately, I generally do some purging each year, so I don't have a huge backlog.) I've also, though, been keeping some of the supplies/curricula because I just can't seem to part with them or think I might still need them for reference, lol. It's a process. 

- Micah continues to love rock climbing (and is thrilled to be back to it after I imposed a break from it while he was wearing a walking boot due to a sprained foot)...is now scheduled for the steps needed to register for his high school classes this fall (and is looking forward to it!)...and had his follow up down at Children's Hospital at the start of the month. The doctor is sticking with her original diagnosis but is happy with how well we've been managing to abate the symptoms thus far through supplements and dietary changes. For now, we'll just continue to monitor the condition. 

- Asher has been busy. He's finishing finals right now (CEC's last day of school is Monday)...continues to train for his second degree black belt testing this summer...volunteered at Habitat for Humanity again with me last weekend (we learned how to install windows!)...has registered for his classes for fall (he's switching to full time at CEC so will have four college classes)...is getting ready for his Costa Rica school trip in June...and landed his first job! It's a paid summer internship at a local manufacturing company and he starts a week after his classes end. Whew. 

- Noah has final projects/papers this week and final exams next week. As a procrastination technique, he's also been teaching himself some Japanese, lol. After his finals are done, we'll be loading up his dorm room and moving him back home for the summer. It'll be a bit of an adjustment again to our grocery budget, lol, but we're looking forward to having him around. :) (He'll be back in the same-ish dorm next fall (different building but mostly everything else is the same).)

- Nathan is busy at work. He flew out to Florida earlier this week and has a full company gathering in a week or so (flying in all of their employees around the world to be in one place for the first time ever). When he manages a bit of time, he's been rock climbing with Micah a few times and is his annually unhappy self about allergy season, lol.

- As for me, I've been busy with all of the above...getting people to activities and appointments, going to various appointments and gatherings myself, finishing up the school year, being sore after boot camp, complaining about still needing to wear sweaters and boots (it's currently snowing...again), and all the normal things. :) (On the plus side, since I need to look for one regarding the weather, lol, all the stupid snow and rain means that we haven't yet had to turn on the sprinkler system. So that's something.)

And that's some of what's what around here lately. :) How's your spring going?


Friday FYI

Just a couple quick things...

First, this popped up in my email yesterday. I didn't do anything at all...it just showed up with a "here's what you missed" message and a number of collages it had put together. Google kinda creeps me out, lol. But. Just look at that face...

The picture on the left was taken just before the boy turned 2 (look at those cheeks!!), and the other was obviously recent. :)

Second, just so you know, I took this picture of the boy at his climbing class yesterday:

See where he's at there? That's an example of where he's been after me to drop from. For real. 

I *know* it's fine and safe and all. I watch the kid do it all the time. But. I'm a good bit older than him, right? It's perfectly reasonable not to want to drop. Yup. ;)


April (Snow) Showers

While I sit here watching our second "bomb cyclone" in a month or so, guess I'll catch up a bit on what we've been up to...(for those not here in Colorado, it was almost 80 degrees yesterday...which was when we got the blizzard warning for today, of course, lol)...

- At the end of March, Micah organized a demo team get together. The original plan was to go to the local trampoline place, but it was crazy busy so they all ended up next door at the new climbing gym and had a great time: 

What a terrific group of 12-16 year olds! 

- Speaking of karate, Asher's begun his training for second degree black belt! He started some extra lessons last month and has weekly training sessions and check ins from now until July. Then, he'll have a full week of testing in July...with the promotion at the end of July. (The evening training sessions were actually supposed to start tonight, but won't now due to the blizzard, lol.) 

- Micah continues to love his weekly climbing class and has been managing to get there an extra time each week either with friends or with us. This past weekend, he got Asher, Nathan and me to all join him and we had a grand time. I took a break at one point to remember to get a few pictures...

(Ham, lol.)

For having only climbed twice now, I think I'm getting the hang of it, lol. Micah would definitely tell you, though, that I need to work on dropping. (As you climb a bouldering route, you either need to "top out" and climb over the top of the route to come down a different way when that's available or down climb a little and then drop. I, um, hate to drop. ;) Apparently, I end up working a lot more than necessary because of this.)

- For those who are wondering, Micah's got a follow up appointment down at Children's Hospital scheduled for the start of May. He's been doing mostly better since his first appointment last month. After that appointment, we started him on some supplements and made some dietary changes which seem to be helping. His MRI, by the way, came back with no signs of arthritis in the sacroiliac joints or hips (yet?). So, that's what we know at this point. :) 

- This week, Asher's school doesn't have classes because of state testing. So, yesterday, we picked up Noah and grabbed lunch in Old Town before going to watch a movie. I made them take a picture with me before I bought them ice cream, lol.

- Later in the night, we all (including Nathan) went to the Lincoln Center to watch The Illusionists magic show. It was amazing!! Nathan even got selected to go up on stage at one point and help handcuff the magician lady. (I'm bummed I wasn't allowed to take any photos, lol. Nathan requested next time I book tickets to something like that I get them in the middle rather than along the aisle...as he wasn't thrilled to be picked, lol. But, as I pointed out to him, at least his role wasn't too involved like some of the others.) 

And now I'm off to play some games with my guys. I'm told that it's still snowing outside. Joy. ;P


Things we've done lately...

Hi. Thought I'd share a few pictures from things we've done lately...

On Sunday, Micah had his MRI that was ordered by the pediatric rheumatologist we saw down at Children's Hospital. It was fine, though Micah wasn't a fan of the IV that was necessary for the contrast part, lol. 

Glad to have that out of the way (especially the "spending stupid amounts of time on the phone with insurance regarding authorization and then doing it again because the second location we got approved then said they couldn't do the procedure there because of Micah's size/weight" part)!

After the MRI, Micah taught me how to rock climb. I did decently on the bouldering part (finished a number of routes) and made it to the top on the auto belay wall. Letting go once you get to the top was not my thing. ;) 

(I didn't actually take any pictures on Sunday so this is a shot from last month. The stranger on the top left is on the route I climbed. Micah's the next person over to the right in that picture...doing a more difficult route and not using the auto belay.)

Did I mention that it's spring break here? Yup. Noah's been home since Friday night. Yesterday, he and Asher and I volunteered with Habitat again. We actually had more variety in tasks than any of us had done before (caulking, spackling, touching up trim paint, pulling nails, etc) but ended the day framing walls again...

It got a bit chilly toward the end as the wind picked up and the clouds moved in, but I actually like the framing best and am definitely getting better at it. :) 

No big plans for the rest of spring break beyond just chillin'...boys will probably do some hanging out with friends...and karate, rock climbing and parkour are all still on their normal schedule. That's what's going on here. Happy spring, y'all!


27 years

Yup, yesterday was the anniversary of the day Nathan and I met...27 years ago. He walked into my house in Prosser for a church youth group weekend meeting. The whole Diocesan Youth Council spent the night at our house, with meetings and games and talking aplenty. The next day, after more of the same, everyone headed out...and Nathan hung back, making excuses to stick around before making the hour drive back to his house...and thereby letting me know he was interested. 

And the rest, as they say, is history. :) 

Okay, yes, there were plenty of twists and turns in our story. But, hey, March 14 remains the day we met and a day we celebrate.

Yesterday, we went out to a fabulous dinner and Nathan got me these beautiful flowers:

He explained that he got Prosser school colors, red and white, since that's where we met. :)

So very blessed to have this man in my life!