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This is me...a happy wife, mom to three awesome boys, teacher to the aforementioned boys (we homeschool), chauffeur to karate, archery and swim team practices, scrapbooker and founder of the Good Grief Blog.
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Throwback Thursday

I haven't really joined the Throwback Thursday bandwagon. It's been on my mind, though. I've been walking a lot more lately and thinking about, well, everything. :) One of those things has been just how much difference a year can make. For instance...

One year ago (roughly)...

House: We had just finished our master bedroom project, which was a solid month full of work that I'm still so very grateful for every time I walk into my bedroom. :) We hadn't done any outside work at all and had just started talking about actually removing bushes in the front. But nothing more, we said. Ha! Funny.

A year later we've...

  • removed those bushes,
  • planted actual plants and cleaned up the landscaping,
  • gotten rid of the play structure in the backyard,
  • had window well covers made and installed,
  • removed two trees,
  • had the roof completely redone,
  • had the house repainted,
  • gotten a new fence,
  • removed our old deck,
  • put in a fire pit,
  • had a new paver patio installed,
  • cleared out two dumpsters' worth of trash and debris,
  • replaced all the gutters and screens,
  • replaced the outdoor lighting,
  • and other stuff I'm probably forgetting.

I'm exhausted just thinking about it. ;)

Work: Nathan had just started this new self-employment venture and had happily put his 50 minute commute behind him. It took a bit of adjustment to have him home all the time, but it's working out pretty well now and, fortunately, the contracts continue to sustain us. (Plus, we've replaced his commuting car thanks to last summer's hail storm.)

Education: I was still homeschooling three boys...enjoying the flexibility but not the battles with certain oldest sons, lol. Having Noah in high school now is going pretty well and is a good fit for him. It's still taking a little getting used to to stick to the school's schedule, but the homeschooling is smoother. ;)

Other: As far as boys' extracurriculars, some things have simply progressed...like archery (where both Micah and Noah continue to participate on their JOAD team, though both have gone up a division and changed their equipment) and karate (where Micah's gone from a blue to a high blue to a red belt and is now on the demo team and where Asher's gone from a high red to a brown to a high brown belt (and is still on the demo team)).

Other things have changed altogther...like Noah no longer doing swim team and Asher stopping clarinet lessons and Asher starting gymnastics.

So. Yeah. Not really an overly exciting post, and I'm sure I'm leaving stuff out. Just rambling and musing on the past year. :) Here's to a less eventful year to come?


Last Saturday

Last Saturday, my bookends and I journeyed down to Denver for yet another JOAD tournament. We stopped for brunch first, to fuel them up for the afternoon. The place we normally go wasn't open yet (we usually shoot the later session rather than the first one but were trying something different this time), so we ventured up the block a bit and found a lovely bakery. We all enjoyed our meals, but Micah REALLY enjoyed his:

That's the kids meal French toast, people. Apparently, it was awesome. I didn't get a bite because the boy pretty much inhaled it and had a huge smile for the next hour or so.

After that, we headed to the archery range to check in for the tournament. Can you spot Noah and Micah's bows? ;)

Both boys had pretty good tournaments! Not only did they both set new personal bests for total tournament score (at their current divisions)...but emotionally they both did a considerably better job at holding themselves together than tournaments past. And. Noah managed to place third again! (No picture of him receiving his award because we left before those were finalized after the later shooting session. He prefers it that way, lol.) Woohoo!


And then we went home to have dinner with Nathan and Asher to celebrate a good shoot. During the meal, as is nothing new, I mentioned to Asher that perhaps using the napkin was better than wiping his hands on his pants. At that moment, he came up with a brilliant new invention idea: napkin pants! Seriously, folks, how useful would that be, right?! And, while we're at it, how about snot sleeves? Take note! When someone else actually markets these, I want it known that I said it here first. :)

And then, on the way home, very full from all the yummy food, the boys were insisting that they needed to simply sit and be lazy for the rest of the night. Nathan mentioned that perhaps being "lazy" wasn't the best word. He suggested "relaxing, recuperating or recovering." Noah, without missing a beat, explained that those words were too long and, thus, too much work, lol. 

Sigh. ;)



Happy Pi Day to all! Today also happens to be the 23rd anniversary of the day Nathan and I first met. :) Nathan was telling the boys about this earlier today, to try to freak them out about how old we are, lol. Then I chimed in...pointing out to Noah that perhaps he'll meet the person he'll spend the next 23 years with in just two years. Oy!

Anyhow, we didn't do much to celebrate this year but did all go out to a lovely lunch and then over to Village Inn to grab some pie. Because it felt necessary. ;)

Yeah. This was too much pie. Asher's the only one who actually finished his slice. (We really should have just gotten two slices, lol.)

So. Here's to another 23 years together...and maybe a little less pie. ;) 


New Belts

So proud of my boys! Last night Micah promoted to red belt and Asher promoted to high brown!

Both boys participated in both the promotion and the demo team performances throughout, so were pretty busy and sweaty. ;)

For Asher, this is the last belt before black belt. He's stoked and appropriately apprehensive. I'm so proud of the time and effort he's invested...in the confidence he's gained (and continues to gain). I'm looking forward to watching this next leg of his journey...


Five on Friday: Noah edition

1. Noah had that wisdom tooth out and other molar exposed this morning. It was his first experience with anesthesia...really his first experience with anything beyond a well check for either doctor or dentist. He did just fine and is making exactly the type of patient one would expect of such a stubborn teenager. ;P (He insists he's totally fine and doesn't need to follow the post-surgery instructions. Fun times. For what it's worth, though, he does seem fine. Don't tell him I said that, though, lol.)

2. Speaking of stubborn teens, I learned a new word last night: contumacious. It means "stubbornly perverse or rebellious; willfully and obstinately disobedient." Is it coincidence that it came into my life last night? ;)

3. CEC has been doing mandatory standardized testing since last Thursday. Classes have been out and spring break is next week, which means Noah had/has more than a two week break (broken up in the middle by a lovely wisdom tooth removal, lol). He needs a bit more to do...kwim?

4. Noah's assigned day of testing was yesterday. He was there from 7:45 to 4:15. He was less than thrilled and declared the best part of his day was the fact that I'd bought him a bottle of Coke for his lunch, lol. (I generally only have him take water.)

5. Last week, btw, Noah lengthened his draw length once more...which makes twice since having gotten the new cams in the first place (just a bit more than a month ago). I think he may be part ape (as he's all gangly arms). 

Okay, off to check on the boy and see whether he'll ice his jaw as instructed... :)