Hi there.
This is me...a happy wife, mom to three awesome boys, teacher to the aforementioned boys (we homeschool), chauffeur to karate, archery and swim team practices, scrapbooker and founder of the Good Grief Blog.
Life is good.



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Yesterday I continued my tradition of taking leaf pictures with my boys. It makes me happy. :)

We started with the somewhat now obligatory "pile of leaves and then throwing leaves at each other" pictures. We also jumped...

Yes, the younger two thought Noah should do his jumping with one of them on his back. Unsurprisingly, it worked better when Micah was the one on his back, lol.

And then I asked the boys to each find me the most beautiful fall leaf so I could take some individual shots. They didn't look very hard for beautiful leaves. ;) But, they cooperated enough that I got shots of each of them. (Asher's "leaf" shots involved weirder than normal pictures...which is fine...but I ended up preferring this solo shot of him from a bit later in the walk.)

And then I decided I needed a picture of me jumping with the boys like last year. (And Noah decided he was done being in pictures at this point, lol.)

After that, we continued walking over to the neighborhood park. The boys had brought along wiffle bats and balls and proceeded to challenge each other with who could hit it furthest and fastest and other such challenges. On the walk home, Asher was simply, thoroughly, delighted with his solution to carrying the gear...

And that was our annual leaf walk. :)  


Since last Thursday...

Just recording things... :)

Last Thursday, Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize in Literature. I wish my dad were here to see it. :) He'd have been thrilled. (See some about his love of Dylan here and here.) To celebrate for him, the boys and I listened to Blowin' in the Wind.

On Friday, I took this picture:

Last week, you see, Karate West was doing their annual pictures. I snapped this one of the demo team members who showed up (we're missing four) Friday night.

Saturday morning, Noah headed over to CEC to take the PSAT. 

On Sunday, I went for a run (gorgeous fall weather!) and did haircuts for Nathan, Noah and Micah. That evening, Noah had his first dress rehearsal of the JOAD season:

This morning, this is what I got as I headed out to take boys to Options:

As you can see, Micah's pretty delighted with his new haircut and I pinned Asher down to let me do his hair since it was sticking up all over the place, lol. 

And I'll also tell you that after today I have seven necklaces left in my personal challenge. :) (I totally wore a string of pearls to Noah's dress rehearsal yesterday, lol.) It's been lovely remembering what I have and a fun challenge. I'm thinking I may have to tackle all my scarves next... ;) 


Miller Farms

In typical Colorado fashion...yesterday...on the one day of the week where it got cold (like 20 degrees colder than all the other days that were full of sunshine and tee shirt and shorts temperatures)...we went to Miller Farms with our Science Olympiad team. (We'd had it on the calendar for a month. Of course.) We were maybe not quite prepared for the weather, though we grabbed what jackets we had from the van. ;) But. Asher and Micah and I had a great time. 

(Note. We've actually been to Miller Farms multiple times. Neither boy claims to have any memory of this. I'm finding this is one of those parenting things...I *know* I've done things with boys but they don't remember the experience so I end up doing them again, lol.)

We started out with the hayride...with stops at four or five different fields where everyone got off to harvest what they wanted. As homeschoolers, our entry fee included five bags of produce for each person. We, surprisingly, made use of that allotment...

Up top, you see more than half the team confirming that they could see their breath. Yes, it was that cold. Then Micah was picking some peppers. (That first field had peppers, squash, melons, onions, scallions, eggplants, tomatoes, and kale...that I saw. Micah started planning out menus, lol.)

Our next stop was pie pumpkins. Micah's contemplating making pie. :) 

After that we stopped at sweet corn (and green beans and cabbage and dill), where we may have grabbed more than just a bag each. :) We had corn on the cob with dinner last night, btw.

The next stop was potatoes...which got messy, as we hadn't come prepared with a trowel or shovel or pitchfork like some of the other homeschool families on our same hayride. Micah didn't mind digging, though, and has plans for those lovely little potatoes. 

Our final field had carrots and beets and brussel sprouts. And then we headed back, loaded our bags into wagons and got everything into our vehicles. (Must say that having older boys comes in handy and makes things easier!)

The kids, then, wanted to hang out a bit and explore the other offerings. We took pictures in the giant chair, playing in the pit full of old Croc pieces, exploring a weird space saucer thing, with a strange giant dung beetle, and on some sort of old plane. There were plenty of other skeletons of planes, helicopters, trucks, etc along with a corn maze (in popcorn corn), too. 

And then, finally, we headed out...stopping on the way home to get something warm into us. :) Whew. Could have done with slightly warmer temperatures and/or a bit more preparation on my part, but it was a really good afternoon. Loved seeing the boys so happily interacting with their teammates and that Micah was so excited about figuring out how to use all of the produce. :)

(Btw, sorry the pictures aren't bigger...been having issues with Squarespace this week regarding loading pics and resizing. Ugh.)


Maker Faire

On Saturday we hit the NoCo Maker Faire. This was our fourth year in a row. 

Clockwise from the top left:

  • boys writing on a chalk painted car out front
  • Micah using a Sphero to paint a picture
  • at the always interesting pinball-type exhibit
  • Micah holding a bubble (he thought this was great fun and the girl put one on his head also, lol)
  • Micah and Nathan at the Fort Collins Creator Hub booth
  • boys playing some video game (sorry, I didn't pay attention to the booths in the dark room much, lol)

All in all, not quite as fun as years past. I'm not sure if it was because boys are getting older or because there wasn't much new from years past or because of the new space this year or what. Micah, at least, had fun talking to various booth attendants. :) Regardless, it was an enjoyable afternoon and we're still fans of encouraging this type of event. :) 


High Brown Belt

So this happened last night...

Yup, Micah promoted to high brown belt! So proud of this boy and all the time he puts in! Next step (months and months from now) will be black belt testing...