Hi there.
This is me...a happy wife, mom to three awesome boys, teacher to the aforementioned boys (we homeschool), chauffeur to karate, archery and swim team practices, scrapbooker and founder of the Good Grief Blog.
Life is good.



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Three Musketeers

Today is December 2. My dad would have been 67 today. This is the tenth time we've celebrated his birthday without him.

In years past, I've handed out Three Musketeer candy bars all through December, with notes about how they were dad's favorite and such. (click to make larger)

This year, I decided to do it only on his birthday and must say that I enjoyed it more. :) Yup, handed out 36 of these (or will have by the end of the night)...

In retrospect, I feel like I should have handed out 67 of them, though. :) Maybe next year we'll do 68...I think my dad would enjoy that. 


Getting started...

Even though we're actually lacking a good bit in holiday spirit right now (just not in a holiday mood quite yet), we did manage to get started by putting up our outdoor lights on Saturday. This is the most we've done to date...having stocked up on extra lights during last year's after-Christmas clearance sales:

We really like our candy cane striped trees and have plans to add more lights over the garage!

Plus, we also have Christmas inflatables to add to the yard! (Thanks, again, after-Christmas clearance sales!) We're going to hold off on putting them out for a couple weeks, though. I'm sure I'll add more pictures when we do. (I'm also hoping to add more inflatables after Christmas, lol...have my eye on a certain awesome dragon at Home Depot. Sadly it's out of stock online already but here's what it looks like.)

So, that's our start on the holiday season... ;)

(PS In case you were wondering, I finished my scarf challenge! Managed to wear all 24 scarves at least once...and, yes, some days I wore more than one, lol. Similar to the necklace challenge, I really enjoyed reminding myself of what I have. Try it yourself!)



Just popping in briefly...hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving! Ours definitely was. :) 

I started off the day at the gym to get in a run and some time on the rowing machine. (The gym was more crowded than I've ever seen...almost every machine was in use! Guess everyone had the same thought to burn some calories in advance.) We then had a quiet morning and played some card games. (Micah ended up in the cone of shame this time, lol.) After lunch, we all walked over to the neighborhood park to get some fresh air and play some tag and frisbee...made them all take a picture with me:

Once we were back home, Nathan and Micah started in on the rest of the food prep and we ended up with this:


After sitting down together and taking turns talking about what we're thankful for, we all settled into a bit of a food coma and had a quiet night. :) 

And now we have plenty of leftovers and sunshine...life is good. :)


Four on Friday

Just a little bit of catching up on other stuff...

1. Back on Nov 9, we took a family mental health day to just spend some time together (after Noah's morning classes). We played games, like Exploding Kittens:

(We got the new expansion pack, Imploding Kittens, which came with a Cone of Shame. It was pretty awesome.) And we also walked to our neighborhood park and played some kickball...after Asher decided to pose in a tree:

(Yes, he's taken to wearing that hat out and about. Stylish, no?) We also played some family video games and watched a movie. It was a much needed day together.

2. Over the weekend, we went to watch Dr Strange in 3D (a bit of a belated birthday thing for Noah so we also had Gabe with us). Yeah, I still am not a huge fan of watching things in 3D, lol. The movie, itself, though, was fun and better than I'd been anticipating. After that, at Gabe's recommendation, we started watching Sherlock (the one with Benedict Cumberbatch)...which we're enjoying a lot.

3. On Monday, Asher and Micah attended their first Options Social. It was just a couple hour after-school thing...with a movie, snacks, games or dancing. Apparently, Micah requested (and danced) the Macarena, tried to start a Conga line numerous times and demonstrated his skills at doing "the worm." Asher, along with most of the other boys there, enjoyed watching all of that. :) 

4. My scarf challenge is going okay, but I don't think I'll be able to finish by the end of the month. The first couple weeks were just too warm. ;) Yesterday's snow (after Wednesday's 80 degree temperatures) should help for the next little bit at least. 

That's mostly what's been going on here...just trying to stay on track amid distractions. Fortunately, we have all of next week off from Noah's classes and our homeschooling...so that will be awesome! No big Thanksgiving plans here...just our usual quiet time here. Yay!


Braces (boy #2)

This morning Micah and I headed to Dr. Ebert's office and Micah got the first part of his braces:

He was happy to pose with me for a before picture when we got there, thought he looked awesomely weird with the blue stuff they "painted" on his teeth initially (it got cleaned off in short order and he was NOT a fan of the mouth expander thingee), and held Sven (my wonderful knitted silver fox scarf) for moral support toward the end...

Unlike when Asher first started, Micah got all of the top braces along with two on the bottom for the elastics...trying to help pull down the canines. This will be our first experience with bands but so far, so good. Micah's trying to see it as a way to strengthen his talking muscles, lol. Fingers crossed that things go as smoothly as they did with Asher's braces. :)