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This is me...a happy wife, mom to three awesome boys, teacher to the aforementioned boys (we homeschool), chauffeur to karate, archery and swim team practices, scrapbooker and founder of the Good Grief Blog.
Life is good.




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Ten (random thoughts) on Tuesday

1. Why is fall the only season with an extra name? (asked whilst working on a spelling list that included the word "autumn")

2. FYI, Noah finished his placement testing for this fall and scored pretty much exactly where I'd have placed him. Whew. We now wait until May to meet with his academic advisor to determine class schedule.

3. Some animal plummeted off my roof outside my bedroom window this morning. Honest. It was odd. Nathan didn't believe me until I took him outside and we found a flurry of dove feathers beneath our window. No body, though. Weird. (Our current theory is that the dove was chased/scared off the roof by the family of squirrels that likes to play tag above our bedroom, suffered some loss of feathers but recovered and flew away. Either that or a neighborhood cat had a really good morning, lol.)

4. For the record, I stayed up and watched the beginning of the lunar eclipse last night, but not the whole thing. I was tired. ;) Didn't even mention it to the boys...but don't feel too badly because we've done this before.

5. If I go buy the pair of sandals I've been eyeing, it's going to snow again, right?

6. Does that mean maybe I should buy a pair of boots instead? ;)

7. Don't suppose anyone wants to come tackle re-landscaping my yard for me? ;) Not looking for anything fancy...it's just boring and could use some work...work that no one in our house really wants to do, lol.

8. It's actually not the easiest thing to "google" how to spell "googol" (the math term). ;) (Yes, a boy asked.)

9. Micah's latest money-making idea is to write a book of haikus and self-publish. (We studied haiku poems last week and he declared himself "addicted.") I'll let you know when that's done so y'all can buy one. ;)

10. Is it just me or does anyone else feel like life's been on fast forward lately? Oy. Spring always gets busy. (And it's not even that we've had too heavy a load of activities...much, lol...just lots of little things taking up room in my head and needing attention. I'm sure you understand.) 



Even though it's Monday and there's snow on the ground still from yesterday (argh), feeling pretty ridiculously happy today. :) Here's why:

1. Our last JOAD tournament of the (October-April) season was yesterday down in Denver. Due to scheduling conflicts (Noah's age group was scheduled for the morning session which conflicted with Noah sleeping, lol), Noah opted not to compete this time. He's pretty happy with how he finished the last tournament in March and wanted to end his season on that note...which satisfied him and meant I didn't have to try to wake him up at 6 am or spend the entire day at the tournament (as Micah's age group was scheduled for the afternoon session). Happy.

2. This meant it was just Micah and me, so we had a little mother-son time. Happy.

3. While we were down there, we also managed to meet up with friends for lunch. Happy.

4. Micah's been really working hard toward this tournament, even knowing that he likely wouldn't score as well as he has in the past. He got a new release two weeks ago and has been practicing extra to adjust to the new form/style. He was very dedicated and determined but managed to remember that it's an adjustment and keep his expectations in line. Truly, even a couple of the other parents noticed how much less frustrated he was at this tournament. Happy.

5. And he won his division:

(Yes, yes, technically he was again the only one in his division, lol.)

6. And because it was the state championship (and he had participated in the required number of previous tournaments to qualify for state), he also got the state champion title and belt buckle. He was pretty...happy.

7. And that means that the JOAD season is almost officially over! (Just have our team potluck and awards stuff yet...) Which means a good freeing up of my weekly schedule. (We'll still practice somewhat regularly, as Micah won't let us not, but now it's more flexible by far.) HAPPY.


Ten on Tuesday (etcetera)

1. Took the boys to see the new Captain America movie last night. I feel like we're living in a Marvel world lately...boys have been re-watching all the Marvel movies and playing the Lego Marvel PS3 game (that Asher saved up to buy) and watching one of the animated Marvel Avengers cartoons.

2. Micah's been on a self-improvement kick (again). He's working on his form at archery (and angled for a new release to help with that)...having me take him to the archery range more often and trying to build up his upper body and core strength. (Don't be surprised, therefore, if he randomly drops to do 20 push-ups as you're walking behind him. It happens.) ;)

3. He's also been brainstorming money-making ideas. He's determined to increase his weekly income, lol. If it were for a cause beyond wanting more Pokemon cards, I might actually help him more. ;) As it is, we worked out a compromise whereby he's going to make dinner once a week in exchange for a slight increase in his allowance. We'll see how it goes...

4. Micah will also be starting private piano lessons tomorrow. He's stoked.

5. The piano lessons are replacing Asher's clarinet lessons. Asher had his spring clarinet recital on Friday. He did a fantastic job with a song from Lord of the Rings but is now ready to take a break from clarinet for at least the summer.

6. Both Asher and Micah are taking some free 4H classes on engineering on Thursdays. They've only been to one so far but are pretty happy with them. So thankful for our homeschooling community that sets up stuff like this!

7. The playset and dark chair are spoken for, but everything else is still up for grabs!

8. Nathan finished off the last piece of quarter-round in our bathroom over the weekend!! The bedroom/bathroom project is officially done!

9. I had a cold for the past week or two. Stupid head cold. Nothing huge...just stupid congestion and cough that kept me from breathing well and seriously annoyed me. ;) I finally made it back to boot camp yesterday morning, and I'm not dead! Yay! (We won't talk about how sore I am today, eh?)

10. That was all. ;)


For sale

Tackling a little spring cleaning. :) Posting here first and will list on Craigslist in a week or so. For all of these, you'll need to be able to pick them up from SE Fort Collins. 

1. TV/DVD player. Magnavox 20" tv/dvd combo with remote...purchased new about 8 years ago. Works just fine; we're just upgrading. Asking $50, obo. 

2. Two solid wooden chairs. One is darker, one is lighter. Picked each of these up used after much searching for sturdy, basic chairs but have since purchased a matching set. Regular wear and tear but still lots of life left in each of these. Asking $20/each, obo. 

3. King-size bedframe. Purchased this only a few months ago but have since ended up going a different route. In like-new condition, and we also have the (unused) brackets for attaching a headboard that we'll include. Loved how this allowed for more under-bed storage...mattress sits about 14" high. Asking $75, obo.

4. Play structure. Our boys are big enough now that they'd rather have a fire pit, lol. It's seen better days but might still be useful to someone. If you can disassemble and take away, it's yours! Might work well for a chicken coop or rabbit hutch?

Email me if you're interested in any or all of these! ;)


Selfie awesomeness

Oh, and on the way out from Fort Fun, I made all my guys stop and take a selfie with me (using Nathan's longer arm). (It's a testament to how great a day it was that they all cooperated, lol.) This is the one we eventually ended up with:

Not bad. But this was the selfie attempt just before that:

Look at Asher's face! ;) Apparently, looking into the sun makes him SUPER happy, lol. (He's making this exact face in all of the tries from this position, so it wasn't just a single fluke...I defy you to not smile when you see that!)