Hi there.
This is me...a happy wife, mom to three awesome boys, teacher to the aforementioned boys (we homeschool), chauffeur to karate, archery and swim team practices, scrapbooker and founder of the Good Grief Blog.
Life is good.



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Brewery Lights

In our continued efforts to get into the holiday spirit today, after schoolwork and having a friend over and karate, we headed up to the Anheuser Busch Brewery Lights celebration. A friend at boot camp told me about it awhile ago and we finally found the time to go...

The entire thing is free and open to the public. We took advantage of the free beer samples, hot cocoa and hot cider, wandered thru the tree maze, and enjoyed the digital light show. We did also pay for food from the beirgarten (which wasn't fantastic or anything but also wasn't unreasonably priced) and a family smores kit...which we then proceeded to make at one of the fires. (That was definitely the highlight for us, and by the end Micah was simply burning the roasting stick provided. Because I have boys, people. And they like fire, lol.)

Fortunately, it wasn't as cold as it has been, and it was a lovely new experience for us to try together. :) If you're local and haven't been, you should go!



Just so you know...we finally put out the inflatables yesterday. :) 

Ta da. :)


Things that happened over the weekend...

1. Asher & Micah went to black belt club at karate. 

2. Micah and I shoveled snow.

3. I updated JOAD stats for our team.

4. Nathan led Asher and Ocean on their Wright Stuff build. They're working on a new plane/kit.

5. I cut Nathan and Noah's hair.

6. I had to double check that I still had enough tape for wrapping after Asher started randomly making tape beards on himself and taping his hands together. Weirdo. ;) 

7. Micah, Nathan and I made 205 cookies (yes, that's a little over 17 dozen)...for neighbors, coaches and us. They're yummy!

8. The annual watching of "Elf" happened. :)

9. Noah had JOAD practice.

10. We finally decorated our tree!

Yes, it's been sitting in the front room for a week...naked. We haven't managed to get any other indoor decorations up yet, but at least we got the tree decorated. :) I love that the process is so traditionally festive...with everyone doing his/her part. And I love all our ornaments, each with a story. Happy!

And now it's Monday. Asher and Micah are at their last day of Options before break and I'm trying to finish up Christmas shopping, do a bit more baking and get these last few packages in the mail. Wish me luck! :)


Four on Friday

1. On Monday, before the Options program I already discussed, Noah had his three finals for the semester. He's since heard back on all of his grades and earned straight A's for the fall. He's now on break and quite happy about it. (He'll have one high school requirement class at CEC that will start on January 6, and his three college classes at Front Range Community College will begin on January 18. So, yeah, he has a good bit of a break.) 

2. With Noah on break, he joined his brothers on Wednesday to swim laps at the pool. When we arrived, all of the lanes in the indoor pool were occupied. The boys begrudgingly hopped in the outdoor pool (the day's high temperature was in the 20s, though the pool is somewhat heated):

Fortunately, though, the indoor lanes opened up after about 15 minutes and we promptly switched to that. :) 

3. Though we're still homeschooling this week and next, we had a bit more time this week (thanks to not needing to drive Noah back and forth to FRCC, lol)...enough that the boys managed to binge watch all of The White Rabbit Project on Netflix. It stars the build team from Mythbusters, and we were happy to see them again.

4. In Christmas news, we're still making progress here. I'm hoping that come Christmas I'll be fully ready for it, lol. ;) 

In the meantime, I'll just keep plugging away here and trying to get things done. You're probably doing the same. :) Have fun!


My Prince

Monday night was the Options winter program. Along with some beautiful artwork by both Asher & Micah (which I haven't yet taken pictures of) and music class performances, the drama class performed "Once Upon a Dream." Yes, technically, it's the story of Cinderella. Micah was Prince Charming. :)

Here's the Prince and Cinderella (in blue) "dancing" at the ball...

(Yes, there's a bit of a height difference, lol. For what it's worth, Cinderella was taller than all of the boys in the class.)

Here's the Prince being all sad that Cinderella has left the ball...

...and later trying the "glass slipper" onto Cinderella...

...and singing a happy song...

And, here's the final bow.

For all that I'm biased, it was one of the best Options shows we've been to (and this is our eighth year attending Options, in some form or another). Even Noah said so. :) 

Congrats and great job to all the kids...and especially my sweet Prince!

Ta da!

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