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This is me...a happy wife, mom to three awesome boys, teacher to the aforementioned boys (we homeschool), chauffeur to karate, archery and swim team practices, scrapbooker and founder of the Good Grief Blog.
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One hundred four

104. That's the number of colleges that have sent mail to Noah to date. It's a little crazy, no?

He hasn't specifically requested information from any of them and has an email inbox with, literally, thousands of emails from colleges. 

Up until last weekend, all the mail had just been accumulating in a lovely, messy pile...some opened, some not. Being me, lol, I finally decided something needed to be done about it before the boy heads into his senior year. So. I separated everything out geographically and put any duplicates together so I could get an accurate count...104.

Yes. I got a bit compulsive and clipped the different geographic regions together and labeled them and all. I have no idea why. Don't judge. ;) 

Ironically, Noah's not interested in more than 99% of these. Even back when he had a bigger list of schools he was interested in (I made him make a list last year) only a few of those have sent mail. Weird.

In any case, if you happen to need/want materials about different colleges, let me know. We've got plenty. :)



Happiest of birthdays to my Asher!! We're going to celebrate in bigger style later this summer but today we've already taken our traditional pictures and gone to a birthday brunch (since Asher far prefers breakfast foods, lol). This afternoon, we'll go to a movie and pick up his cookie cake and (some of) whatever else he wants to do. Before I get sucked into all of that, though...

Here's an "official" birthday photo...

I know it's not what some might consider a traditional portrait...but I think it captures my Asher pretty spot on. ;) 

And then there are the now obligatory height comparisons...

(Apparently, I haven't taken a height comparison photo of all three boys on Asher's birthday before. If you want to see past years, check Noah's last birthday.)

Finally, here are fifteen faces of my Asher:

Yup. He's got lots of different faces, lol. This is only a small portion. For the record...I didn't ask for all of these faces. I just pulled out the camera and this is what I got. :) 

If you want to see something crazy...look at his birthday pictures from just two years ago! It's crazy how much he's grown...both physically and in every other way. He's still a relatively carefree, joyous spirit...thank goodness. He's also much more confident and able these days. He's ready to start high school and looking forward to the adventure of exploring many interests during that time...in no particular hurry to "figure out life"...just happy to experience it. Can't wait to see what the coming year will bring!


Laser Tag

Just a quick shout out to Loveland Laser Tag. Micah and Asher participated in their Space Marines Summer Camp this past week and had a blast!

The camp had about 30 kids overall (five of which were friends of the boys...which undoubtedly contributed to their enjoyment, lol). The kids were broken up into four teams, each with their own "counselor," and played numerous games of laser tag amid lunch and snack and arcade time. (My guys and their friends managed to make up one team...so they were happy.)

This was the best I managed in terms of photos of my guys. (I also got some pictures of them with their friends...which are better...but I didn't ask permission from their parents to post those.)

In any case, this took up a chunk of our week...and my boys had a pretty darn good time. :)


Father's Day

I'm late but no less sincere in wishing a Happy Father's Day to my wonderful husband...my lovely father-in-law...my brothers and brothers-in-law...the dads who are part of my sons' lives...and my own dear dad (who's been missed for ten Father's Days now). Here's hoping you all had a fabulous day Sunday and were celebrated adequately. :) 

As for us, the boys and I went with a theme of spending and enjoying time with Nathan (and I neglected to take a single photo in the midst of being present). We fixed his kite and bike ahead of time. The wind didn't cooperate for kite flying, but the boys had some nice bike ride time with Nathan...on our way to the Farmers Market (to buy dinner) and to a late lunch of Nathan's choosing. We also played a couple games of Catan altogether (and I finally won one!), watched a movie and played some friendly hands of poker. We have plans, too, to go bowling and to finish the game of mini golf that we tried to play a bit ago up in Estes...

(Remember? We got hailed out. ;) But they credited back our game fees and we'll go try again soon. We haven't been 100% consistent, but we try to play a round of mini golf each June. It's a Father's Day tradition.)

So. Happy belated Father's Day to all! 


Five on Friday

Just a bit of catching up...things going on around here...

1. We wrapped up our homeschooling year this week and are now looking forward to enjoying a couple months "off" before starting up again. We all still have some personal projects we're working on in the meantime...Noah's building us some stairs to get from our kitchen to the backyard and working on prep for college and scholarship applications...Asher's teaching himself new songs on the violin and helping me ready his high school curricula...Micah's still in black belt testing mode and is also working on learning to write code to build an app and possibly taking an online oceanography course...Nathan's busy with work...and I've got a whole list of little things to check off before fall. :)

2. Also, Noah just finished participating in the City of Fort Collins' first ever Summer in the City program. It was like the City Works 101 program I finished last month but designed for high schoolers. The group hit on many of the same things we covered in the full City Works program and some things we hadn't. They also emphasized career choices--how the people speaking to them had gotten to where they were and what their jobs entailed. All in all, I think he enjoyed himself and learned some valuable things. (Plus, the hours counted toward a requirement he has for the endorsed diploma program he's doing at CEC.)

3. Amid all that, the boys and I have also been playing more games and trying to enjoy our summer together. One of the games lately has been Settlers of Catan:

So far, I'm the only one who hasn't won a round, though... :(

4. We were actually playing Catan on Wednesday afternoon when Micah went out to get the mail...and managed to burn the bottoms of his feet on the asphalt. I didn't realize he meant it until after the game was over and he was getting ready to head to his weekly Black Belt training session. Subsequently, the session didn't go as well as he'd have liked (he was in pain and couldn't do the moves fully) and he opted to not go to karate class yesterday. But. The blisters have now mostly healed (after a day or so of applying coconut oil and keeping them wrapped) and he's feeling ready to get back to everything today. 

5. And, finally, last week my peonies were in full bloom and were glorious:

They were seriously huge and made me so happy. :) 

And that's some of what's going on around here. Hope your summer is going well, too!

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