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Intramural Tournament

Last Friday night, I neglected to get a good picture at the end like I usually do (drat!), but I still wanted to share a great big congrats to my sweet Micah, who took first place in his group at the annual Karate West Intramural Tournament. He competed in black belt forms against a friend...

That's Asher presenting Micah with his first place medal. (It was decided that Asher was okay to be one of the judges for Micah's group since there were five of them, lol. Last year, Asher took care to not be one of Micah's judges.)

This was Micah's seventh year participating.

Hooray for karate!!


Braces OFF

Bright and early this morning, Micah got his braces off! He's pretty excited about the whole thing. ;) We'd thought they wouldn't be coming off until August, but apparently he was good to go after a little over 15 months, similar to Asher

Here's the before picture, taken back in November 2016 (after the kid negotiated with the orthodontist to wait until after Halloween to put the braces on):

And here's this morning: 

(Yes, he's wearing the same shirt. He wears it every time he goes to the orthodontist...something about free cookies when he's wearing it, lol.)

So. That's that. He now has his retainers and was delighted with his "Happy Braces Off Day" goodies from the orthodontist...candy bars, sparkling cider, cookies and a few other things...all after they also sang to him. Still so very pleased with Dr. Ebert's office. We'll still have some follow ups to make sure the retainers are doing their job, but mostly all done...with all three boys now.

Whew. :)


Heels over head...

Just popping in to share some pictures. Apparently, this is what you get when you combine six parkour classes, Asher's natural tendencies, and 67 degree weather over the weekend...

Yup. Guess it's a good thing he gets to practice on mats and spring floors at parkour class, lol. And...glad we took advantage of the lovely weather yesterday to go for a walk...since this morning it was about 11 degrees and snowing, of course. ;) 


Opening ceremonies

So. We've always enjoyed watching the Olympics and generally make time to watch the Opening Ceremonies. This year, inspired by a good friend who actually plans ahead and makes a meal based on the cuisine of the host country, we decided to actually make it into a bit of a celebration. (This was also in part because this year we didn't get to celebrate the Superbowl all together with our annual junk food party, lol.)

But. We didn't figure this all out or get on the ball enough to actually plan a meal based on Korean foods. And we already enjoy bulgogi with some regularity and don't enjoy kimchi, lol. But, according to my email and Facebook page, yesterday was apparently National Pizza Day...which led to this:

That's a cookie cake and a caesar salad on the bottom.

Get it?...

LOL. And that's how we chose to celebrate Opening Ceremonies this year! 


Things that have happened

Checking in to just document what's been going on here since last I posted...

- Nathan and I enjoyed a lovely date night after Nathan got home from a couple days in San Francisco meeting with the new board for his company.

- While Asher & Micah performed with their demo team at a monthly karate promotion, Nathan, Noah and I attended a reception for those students eligible for the CSU Scott Scholarship. It was just a short dealio to answer questions and help students understand what the scholarship committee will be looking for. 

- The next day, Asher & Micah performed with their demo team at the black belt promotion of three of their classmates. Both boys had been training partners for the candidates, helping them over the past four months or so with sparring and grabs and such. 

Here's Asher with his good friend, Marshall, who earned his black belt Saturday:

Love that these two have each other! They've been on demo team together since they started that back in the spring of 2012...Marshall was Asher's training partner when Asher was testing for black belt...they're pretty much the same age and size and have been for years...and they're both just nice, weird boys. ;)

- The day after that, Asher & Micah enjoyed a birthday party for one of their fellow demo team members...complete with pizza and a scavenger hunt through Scheel's and fudge and just all around good times.

- While we were there, Nathan and Noah headed to Denver for Noah's JOAD tournament. Noah set a new season personal best during the first round!

- Meanwhile, the younger two and I headed home to watch the SuperBowl and enjoyed the game. (Grumpy, though, that the JOAD tournament chose to schedule a group to shoot *during* the SuperBowl. In the past, when the tournament has fallen on the same weekend as a SuperBowl, the organizing team has generally worked it so that all the shooting was done before the SuperBowl, given that they shoot over the course of two days at multiple times. Bleh.)

- Monday, Micah had Options and Asher had parkour as usual. :)

- Tuesday, Micah's First Lego League team wrapped up their season with a party at Loveland Laser Tag. The kids had a great time and we moms enjoyed the time catching up and chatting.

- Noah received a fun piece of mail welcoming him to the Honors Program at CSU. We'd already known he was accepted (via email), but the actual mail was great...especially because it came with confetti, lol. (Noah's not a fan of confetti.) ;) 

- I've been working on gathering all our tax information for our meeting with our accountant. I'm also starting to gather ideas and plan for Noah's graduation party...which is infinitely more fun than the tax thing, lol.

- Boys and I started back to homeschooling (last week was our "off" week) and are happily pursuing some new areas. We've got more time now that both First Lego League and helping with black belt training are done. :)

And now that I've caught up on all that, don't expect to hear much from me for a bit. The Olympics start today/tomorrow!!

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