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Types...take two

So, about four years ago, I posted this. A few days ago, Noah and Micah happened upon a personality quiz site and we all ended up taking it. We're kinda geeks like that. :) Given that, I figured I'd share how things changed ever so slightly...

Nathan: was INTP (Architect)...now is INTP-A (The Logician)

Me: was ISTJ (Inspector)...now am ISFJ-A (The Defender)

Noah: was INTJ (Mastermind)...now is INTP-A (The Logician)

Asher: was ISFJ (Protector)...now is ISTJ-A (The Logistician)

Micah: was ENFJ (Teacher)...now is ENFP-T (The Campaigner)

You'll notice that Nathan didn't change...and now Noah and Nathan are the same...and Asher and I switched...and Micah continues to be the only extrovert. :)

For the sake of thoroughness, I also enjoyed the explanations of the categories this time. The main ones were all described as IDENTITY groups...

Introverted vs Extraverted (I or E): This one remains pretty self explanatory. The write up talked about this being the category that determines how we approach the outside world...with extroverts seeking out the external world for stimuli and recharging, while introverts prefer to rely on themselves and are more generally comfortable alone. We all tended to be rather strong as either an introvert or extrovert...not near the middle. 

Intuitive vs Observant (N or S): This one deals with how you see the world and what kind of information you focus on. Those in the Intuitive camp are more interested in ideas and possibilities, while those in the Observant camp focus more on observable things and the present. Here, Nathan and I were a bit stronger along our respective sides of the scale (72%ish) while the boys were all pretty close to the middle.

Thinking vs Feeling (T or F): This one deals with how we make decisions and cope with emotions. Those in the Thinking category seek logic and rational arguments, doing their best to shield their emotions from the outside world. People with the Feeling trait, meanwhile, follow their emotions and would rather cooperate than compete, though they'll fight for what they believe in. In this category, all of us were very close to the middle except for Micah. :)

Judging vs Prospecting (J or P): This one determines how we approach planning and available options...our attitude toward certainty and structure. People with the Judging trait prefer clarity and closure, as if having a mental checklist, and emphasize work ethic and responsibility. Prospecting types are more relaxed and always scanning for opportunities and options, focusing on what makes them happy or interested over what might be expected of them. I scored very strongly in this category, while everyone else was closer to the middle (with Nathan being the furthest from me on the spectrum). 

You'll notice that the test we took most recently had one more letter on the end...an A or a T...Assertive vs Turbulent. This was an extra category dealing with how confident we are in our abilities and decisions. In the description, Assertives are more self-assured and resistant to stress...less likely to spend time dwelling on the past. Turbulent individuals are more self-conscious and emotional...perfectonistic and eager to improve.

Beyond all of that, the test broke down groups with shared traits into four role groups and four strategy groups. 

ROLES: (in a nutshell)

  • Analysts (-NT-): These types embrace rationality and impartiality, being fiercely independent and utilitarian. Nathan and Noah both are analysts. ;) 
  • Diplomats (-NF-): Diplomats focus on empathy and cooperation, often playing the role of harmonizers. Micah is a diplomat.
  • Sentinels (-S-J): Sentinels are cooperative and highly practical, embracing order and willing to take on difficult tasks. Asher and I are sentinels. 
  • Explorers (-S-P): These are the most spontaneous group, being utilitarian and practical and quick to think and react. None of us fell in this category.

STRATEGIES: (again in a nutshell)

  • Confident individualism (I---A): These types prefer doing things alone, believe in personal responsibility and have high self-confidence.
  • People mastery (E---A): These types seek social contact, are confident in their abilities and have good communication skills.
  • Constant improvement (I---T): Constant improvers are quiet, individualistic types who tend to be perfectionistic and to worry about their performance.
  • Social engagement (E---T): This last type tends to be restless, perfectionistic and emotional, placing a lot of importance on other people's opinions and eager to succeed in everything they do.

Micah fell into the last category while all of the rest of us were in the first.

So. That's us. It's pretty spot on. ;) I've read through all of the descriptions and am finding that it's useful insight into these boys of mine...working now on how to incorporate that knowledge into our lives and school year...

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