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True to type

I blame Deanna. She went and wrote a blog post about personality types and then I got curious. And then I made everyone here take the test. ;)

(I actually had taken this test numerous times in undergrad so was familiar with it. I'd even revisited this and similar personality and learning style tests back when I first started homeschooling. But, I hadn't thought about figuring out the boys' types in years...and back when I had, I really just had Noah's information to go off of, which was pretty easy since he's so like me, lol.)

So. In case you were also wondering, here's where we came out...(click here for a little explanation about the different types)

  • Me: ISTJ...Inspector. And actually, I was only 1% off from being INTJ, though I agree that the S is a better fit.
  • Nathan: INTP...Architect. (Nathan and I scored exactly the same in two of the categories. Weird.)
  • Noah: INTJ...Mastermind. (It came as absolutely no surprise to me that Noah's scores were the closest to mine of all the boys in all the categories. Funny thing is, he was totally surprised by that, lol.)
  • Asher: ISFJ...Protector. (Asher's scores were the least extreme...the closest to the middle of the spectrum in each category. Asher's the one I would have had the hardest time guessing but the explanation of his type totally fits.)
  • Micah: ENFJ...Teacher. (Yup, ended up with just one extrovert among us. Not surprised it's Micah, lol. And, yes, he has a vision for the future and definite ideas of what's needed for humanity.)

Then, because we're like that, Nathan, Noah and I went and plotted our results for each category just for fun. ;) (This had a nice breakdown of the different characteristics.)

Introvert/Extrovert: This one's pretty self-explanatory. On this spectrum, Noah had the highest preference for Introvert, followed by Nathan and I with our matching scores, then Asher...with Micah on the other end of the spectrum. This, folks, was absolutely no surprise.

Sensing/INtuition: This one deals with how you perceive the world...with Sensing focusing more on organizing the present and INtuition focusing more on speculating about the future. Here, Asher was furthest on the Sensing spectrum. I was a hair on that side. Going out on the spectrum from the middle toward a high preference for INtuition was Noah then Nathan then Micah. (Yeah, Micah really does worry about the future, lol.)

Thinking/Feeling: The best explanation I found for this said that Thinking is a more objective approach while Feeling is a more subjective approach. Noah scored a 100% preference for Thinking. Nathan and I were about half way on that side of the spectrum. Asher and Micah were both on the Feeling end, with Micah having a greater preference for the subjective. 

Judging/Perceiving: I don't understand where the key words for this come from but the explanation thing said that Judging folks tend to have a plan while the Perceiving folks tend to take things as they come. Given that, it comes as no surprise that I had the highest preference for Judging, followed by Noah and then Asher. Micah was just a hair on the Judging side of the spectrum and Nathan was the only one of us on the Perceiving side. 

I'm still contemplating how best to use this information...for now, though, I think just having taken the time to think about it is valuable.

So. That's us. Weirdly accurate. ;) 

Reader Comments (1)

I'm an ISTJ, too! At least when I've taken the test before, it's been awhile. Although, I don't think we normally change, especially if we're extreme in rankings. I had some pretty far extremes, as well. (Can't recall exactly, but Introvert and Judging seem to be high.)

Thanks for sharing!

July 7, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterJen

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