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Seventeen, Yesterday

Oy. My baby turned seventeen yesterday! He had class during the day but we took him out to dinner afterward, opened a few gifts and enjoyed playing his new game. See?

The dessert was ginormous! (and Asher loves to photobomb, lol) The top left shows the new game, Pandemic. It took us a bit to get set up and learn it, and we totally lost and died (it's cooperative), but we're looking forward to playing again soon. :) And, Noah started all three boys with Rubik's cubes lately (they're all pretty amazing at being able to solve them quickly), so Asher got him some new variations to play with. Noah solved this one in short order (and then Micah unsolved it...and then Noah solved it again...and then Micah unsolved it...you see where this is going?).

Also, here are our obligatory height comparison pictures from yesterday... :)

First, here's Noah with Nathan:

And last year (age 16):

And this year's picture, not much change:

And now Noah with me:

And last year:

And this year:

(Yeah, not much change, lol.)

Finally...Noah and his brothers:

Last year:

And this year:

(Micah would like me to tell you that he knows he has only one sock on. He cut himself the other day and had it bandaged. For whatever reason, putting on the second sock was too much work? He'd also like you to know that if canker sores were a person, he'd want to kick that person in the face. Yeah, the braces are giving him some canker sores and he's not happy.)

Anyhow. Back to Noah. :) It was a very low key celebration, he's happy, and now my baby is seventeen. Sigh.

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