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In between...

More to blog about tomorrow so here's a quick run-down of stuff that's been happening since my last post about a week ago...

- Asher and Micah have been to ten different karate things...classes, demo team practices and performances, and helping with the current black belt candidates' training. (They each agreed to help one of the candidates by being partners for self-defense drills throughout the training months.)

- Asher finished drive camp and had his first on-street driving session. I felt badly that I scheduled it during rush hour when the sun was in his face, but he handled it like a pro. We'll do some more time on our own before his next session. 

- We sampled more of the delicious pastries from La Creperie here in Fort Collins:

Um, yum!

- Noah completed job shadows at Ampt and Dresser-Rand. As part of his endorsed diploma for CEC and in an attempt to potentially line up an internship, he sent out inquiry letters to local businesses of interest to him and was fortunate enough to have an 80% response rate. He's got another one lined up for Monday at Wolf Robotics. 

- Noah's also registered for his spring classes, had archery practice a couple times, and gotten an actual hair cut (not by me). :) 

- We spent a fun family night at the theater watching the new "Thor: Ragnorok" movie...which was hilarious. 

- Nathan took me on a lovely date to watch "Once" at the Midtown Arts Center this past week. It's their final weekend, so I doubt you can get tickets now, but it was fabulous! Seriously, the actors were stupendously talented.

- Asher, Micah and I enjoyed a free local class this afternoon. The topic was graffiti and it was hosted at the Creative District as part of Hip Hop History Week with the Music District. A former graffiti artist, turned graphic designer, talked us through graffiti's place in hip hop and the different types of graffiti, along with the process. Then, we each got to try our own hand at it using paint markers...

And here's us with our "finished" pieces:

The boys started out skeptical, but we had a great time and are even looking forward to trying some more on our own.

And that's some of what's been going on around here. Happy November, y'all! 

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