Hi there.
This is me...a happy wife, mom to three awesome boys, teacher to the aforementioned boys (we homeschool), chauffeur to karate, archery and swim team practices, scrapbooker and founder of the Good Grief Blog.
Life is good.



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Yesterday and now.

So, did everyone have a nice weekend? Mine was lovely. I got to take my Noah to the movies (just the two of us)...started taking out the summer wardrobes...went out to lunch...played in the backyard...got Chinese take out for dinner...fun stuff.

And, the boys played in the sprinklers. They've been pestering me to play in the sprinklers since, oh, maybe February (yes, when there was still snow on the ground). We finally had a stretch of warm weather to merit pulling out the sprinkler so promised it would be yesterday. Of course, then it decided to get a bit overcast (though still warm) but it didn't deter them in the least. Noah ran right in and Asher even consented to being squirted with the water guns (and was doing some weird thing with his stomach that he was so proud of and made me take a picture). Micah, though, is still entirely unsure about the whole getting wet thing. He was happy to play with the sprinkler before the hose was attached but spent the rest of the time basically in our neighbor's yard avoiding his brothers. ;) We'll see how that goes as summer progresses.


So. Yes. Yesterday was very nice. Today...well, today I seem to be lacking my motivation. We finally are in a position to get Asher's dental work done so took him in for (another) initial workup this morning. He'll go back next week for the first of 2-3 visits to get all the work actually done (going to have to have one tooth removed and a spacer put in until the adult tooth grows in and a number of cavities need filling). Poor guy. So far he's been wonderfully cooperative...let's hope that sees him through the next few visits so that it can be done locally. Otherwise we'll need to consider day surgery down in Denver with anesthesia. Sigh.  

On my desk is a mess. I haven't really scrapped in a week or so thanks to being sick last week and then wanting to just enjoy the time with my family this past weekend. I have layouts all sketched out and the photos printed and everything. (I tend to scrap in batches...getting a group ready and printed and then working through them all at once.) Yet, I'm sitting here at the computer instead. At some point tonight I expect my motivation to return...that, and some of this stuff is due tomorrow. ;) In the meantime, though, guess I'll go play with the boys some more... 


Happy Mother's Day!

Just a quick Happy Mother's Day to all! I'm off to enjoy it with my boys and will update later but thought I'd share with you this pic...my Noah has been daily going out to our front yard, to the bushes I hope someday to remove. :) He loves to pick the little blooms off of it and bring them to me. He waited anxiously for them to actually flower and was so delighted when they did. Such a sweetheart!



Whoa. Scary lot of pictures!

So, I'm signed up to take Ali's "Week in the Life" album class at CKU in Anaheim this June.  (YAY!) For the "homework," we're supposed to take at least 30 pictures a day for a week and journal various things and all that. I decided to start documenting my week today. Dude. We've still got another 5-6 hours of my day to go yet and I've already taken 104 pictures...yes, just today. I'd have taken more but all three boys are currently asleep (unprecedented) and have been for more than an hour now. Look at 'em...


Aren't they just the sweetest boys with their heads all knocked to the side like that? (Don't worry. I totally pulled off the road to take this picture.) :) 

I can already tell this is going to be so much fun...documenting my week. Also, I just know that I'm going to have too much to say. I'm gonna have to start a computer document just to keep my thoughts for each day because I ran out of space on the form that came with the homework. Cool.


A Spoon with Salt in it?

Just moments ago, Noah came into the kitchen to ask Nathan and I if we would get him a spoon with salt in it. (He and Asher had been playing upstairs.) Being as we've had these boys for awhile now and are at least a little bit wise to their ways, we obviously asked him "why?" His response? (You're gonna love this.) He wanted to see how well the killer shark bath toy (a new addition to the bath family) would swim and figured that it needed salt water to be most like the ocean. Really.

Of course, this led to a quick discussion of why he didn't need salt and an inquiry as to *what* exactly he'd been putting in the sink...followed by Nathan and Noah trudging upstairs to unclog whatever it was the boys had put in the sink to "challenge" the shark. Boys. :)

Oh well. At least they were having fun. Actually, the boys and I had a very nice day today. I've been sick the past couple days so we've been mostly home doing a whole lot of nothing. I'm finally feeling better and we *needed* to get out of the house. As a treat, we headed briefly to my local scrapbook store (I had a coupon and it would be wrong not to use it, right?) then to Old Town (the very cool renovated downtown area)...where we hit a toy store, returned some Crocs, got Ben & Jerry's (which we ate outside in the sunshine), made wishes in the big fountain and stopped in a few other stores for some brief window shopping.

Then we returned home and played with some sidewalk chalk and water (Noah loves using the sprayer on the hose) in the driveway...having fun experimenting with how the colors changed when wet and how quickly they disappeared when sprayed directly and how fast you must run to escape being sprayed by a crazy 6 year old with a hose.  

Sigh. Good day.  



As you may or may not know, my Asher (who will be 5 this summer) says some of the freakin' funniest things. There will be many here. At the moment, just wanted to share this little gem from the other night. He and Noah were goofing around (as usual). Totally straight face. Ash says matter-of-factly, "Kooky is the Spanish word for funny." Oh my gosh. It's a good thing I was in my office and not right next to him because I think he would have been hurt by how hard I was laughing. I didn't have the heart to tell him anything otherwise so he still thinks it's true. No idea at all where that one came from. Wow.