Hi there.
This is me...a happy wife, mom to three awesome boys, teacher to two of the aforementioned boys (we homeschool), chauffeur to karate, archery and all sorts of other activities, former scrapbooker and founder of the 
Good Grief Blog.
Life is good.



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Well, we took just shy of 400 pictures yesterday. By just shy, I mean 396. Really. The first hundred or so were taken at the radio control airshow Nathan & the boys went to (while I stayed home and tried to get a little scrapping done). They came home with all sorts of stories and favorites and, of course, with the desire to build model airplanes.

The next two hundred or so pictures were taken at the other nearby airport where planes were on display and tours were available for old WWII bombers. Seriously awesome stuff. We all had great fun seeing everything...well, except maybe Micah who was mostly confined to the stroller. But at least he was in the shade most of the time as a result. The rest of us relied on our hats and the wings of some of the planes but, folks, it was almost a hundred degrees yesterday...probably more there on the tarmac. (Hence the stroller packed with bottled water.)  In any case, loads of cool photos both of the boys and the stuff on display (I'm still sorting through them or I'd post them now).

Oh, and just gotta say that my boys are the greatest. After standing in line for maybe an hour waiting to be able to walk through the B-17, Nathan and I were very appreciative of how well behaved our boys are. They were patient. They were not loud. They did not scream every time one of their brothers touched them. They did not feel the need to jump all around and bump into people standing near them. They did not shout and cry and dump water on each other. Yeah. They were good. :)

So, if you're doing the math, that leaves a hundred or so pictures for the fireworks that night. We headed down to the Loveland display (having decided we prefer the slightly less crazy and crowded atmosphere of the Loveland show over the Fort Collins one). Got a decent parking spot and walked in. Set up our blanket and all. And then it started raining. So. Like most people around us, we put up the umbrellas and sat tight. Miraculously, when the show actually started the rain suddenly stopped. Weird but true. The boys, as usual, "oooh"ed and "ahhh"ed. Micah was apprehensive at first but got better after a bit and eventually I even heard a "wow" or two out of him. We managed to get a few decent shots of the fireworks and some fun ones of the boys wrestling after the show was over.

Then we headed home, gave the boys baths and went to bed. Full day. Yesterday.

Hope yours was everything you wanted it to be!

PS. Yes, I realize the irony of talking all about how many photos we took and then not sharing any. I'll fix that. Just give me a bit, okay? :) 


Scrappy friends.

Sigh. My scrappy friends are leaving in the morning. I didn't even get to spend as much time with them as I'd have liked (this week has been crazy). They drove out here to have a little vacation...to do heaps of scrapping, to get in some shopping (both scrapbook and non-scrapbook oriented), to see a few sights, and (bless their hearts) to visit me. We spent last Sunday getting our nails done and then scrapping at my house for hours...seriously great fun. I wish I had more days like that. ;) Tonight we hung out at my awesome LSS (local scrapbook store), shopped, cropped (well, they did...I mostly shopped) and chatted. Then we went to have some pie. Doesn't get much better.

So, safe travels tomorrow, you two. Thank you so much for the visit!



Enough said.

Don't get me wrong. I love my boys and 90% of the time, they're superb...truly. But lately some of the whining has been getting on my nerves. I know that it's because my own schedule has been messed up resulting in less time dedicated to them (as I try to finish up a bunch of stuff before swim lessons start and my days become dictated by their schedules). Still. When I saw this sign at a store the other day, I couldn't pass it up...

nowhining.jpgNow, where shall I hang it? ;)


PSA and my woes after seeing the eye doctor.

Freaky thing happened today. The boys were playing at the mall play area. Nathan was with them while I was finishing some stuff up with the glasses place (I'll get to that in a minute). Noah, apparently, was playing tag with Asher and was running away...quickly. In the process, he rounded a big play thing or padded pole (not sure which...point is that he couldn't see around it until it was too late) and ran smack dab into another boy of roughly the same age and size doing pretty much the same thing. They collided. Hard. Fortunately for us, Noah has an incredibly hard head. Unfortunately for the other kid, Noah has an incredibly hard head. Noah is fine. The other boy broke his nose. Really. I feel horrible, and it was totally an accident according to all involved, but it's never a good thing to arrive where your boys are to find blood on the ground and another boy crying in the bathroom over the sink while they tried to stop the bleeding. So, please send a quick thought of healing to that sweet little boy and remind your kids that, like vehicles, those that are going faster take longer to stop and crash with greater force.

Now, about the glasses place. Nathan and I had eye appointments today. We've been way overdue and decided it was time...plus, LensCrafters was having a pretty good sale that ends tomorrow, right? So, we got our check ups and that was all good and well. Amazingly, my prescription actually IMPROVED. That's never happened to me before. I started wearing glasses in 7th grade and have gotten progressively worse over the years. (For those who know anything about the diopter reading things...started around a -2 and am now at -7.5ish...those undergrad and law school days were murder to my vision *laugh*) I think I may have had one or two check ups *ever* where my prescription has stayed the same...the rest of the time it's gotten worse. Anyhow, so that was pretty cool.

We proceeded then to look for new frames, as the sale at LensCrafters was that you got free lenses if you bought the frames. Neither of us could find anything we liked...and we tried on a LOT of them. Finally we gave up and headed to the other glasses place there in the mall. Nathan almost immediately found what he was looking for. I continued looking...asked the gal for help (they're very good there with face shapes and the like...in fact, it was one of the salespeople at that same store who helped me find my current glasses a few years ago)...tried on a gazillion more glasses. Alas. I didn't find any that I liked better than the ones I currently have. Another first.

If you know me, you know that I love to go for change when I do things like get new glasses or get my hair cut or do my nails or whatever. I very, very rarely ask for just a trim or stick with the same thing. (Perhaps this is because I like routine so much in other areas of my life? That's another story...hee hee.) So, admitting defeat and ordering lenses for the same frames was a milestone for me. Does this mean I'm getting set in my ways or something? I hope not. I prefer to think that there are just not enough choices available at that particular mall. Next time, perhaps I'll be more patient and take more time to really shop around. Or not. :)  


They're growing up.

Um, did you realize it's almost July? Okay, not like tomorrow, but way sooner than it's supposed to be in my head. My youngest two will celebrate birthdays in July. Sniff. Asher will be 5 (oh my gosh, how did that happen?!) and Micah will be 2. Asher and I had our "special night" tonight (Nathan and I rotate so the boys have a special night out with each of us every three rotations...complicated but we figure it out). I love our special nights. It gives me a chance to really focus on one boy and is always surprising to me to see how much they're growing. For all that he's in practically the smallest percentage on the growth charts, my middle guy is becoming a big boy.

Of course, he'd better prepare himself for the fact that his baby brother is going to pass him up soon in the weight department. Out of curiosity tonight, we put all the boys (individually) on the scale. Noah's a slim 43 pounds...Asher's a wee 34 pounds...and my baby Micah is already at about 29 pounds (or 30, hard to get him to stay on the scale *laugh*). Um, folks, the other two didn't hit 30 pounds until they were 3 years old. Micah seems bound and determined to do his own thing...while they all started out as big babies and stayed in the top percentiles through 12 months, the first two slimmed down considerably once mobile and are now on the smaller side for their ages. Micah doesn't seem to share this disposition. He's not slowed at all and has weighed more than either of his brothers at the same respective ages since he was 5 months old. I'm already dreading feeding him as a teenager (never mind the fact that when he turns 13, his brothers will be 16 and 17.5...yeah, three teenage boys are going to eat me out of house and home). :)

Okay, I have to share this picture with you.


Nathan took it while I was away at CKU and he was building and launching rockets with the boys. It just melts my heart. Look at my sweet boys. Micah was apparently upset over not having long enough legs to catch up or something (as the other two ran to retrieve rockets) and Asher came over to help his baby brother out. I have a whole series of pictures that follow this one of Asher helping Micah up and them walking toward their daddy holding hands. Seriously going into a layout soon!  I'm constantly amazed by how very much these three sincerely love each other...so blessed.