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King of the High C's

Last night was the Options Spring Program. After all of the musical/instrumental performances, the drama class presented their rendition of "Pirates: A Musical." Micah was the King of the High C's...

This is him in costume ahead of time, as we were making sure we had everything he wanted for his piratey look. (Don't you love the "peg leg" sock?!)

And now for pictures from the actual show...first, the King leading his crew in song...

...and then (Micah's favorite part), his sword fight with his Queen...

(His queen happens to be a friend who's also on the Karate West Demo Team with him so they just modified one of their bo staff routines into a sword fight...)

And he very much wanted her to stab him...

...so that he could pretend to die...

...and fall "over board"...(I LOVE how happy she is about it, lol.)

(Micah's death actually had nothing to do with the plot...and he pulled the sword from his body when they took their bows...but he was pretty happy about it nonetheless, lol.)

And thus concludes Micah's portrayal of the King of the High C's. :) 

(It was one of the best performances we've seen yet by the Options drama classes, and the boys in the class were all quite happy with the pirate theme after the Winter Program's presentation of Cinderella, lol.) 

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