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Throw it all out there Thursday

So. I've been quiet here, I know. Sorry. I stop and think about finding a clever way to tie things together or make them more interesting to read about. But I just don't seem to have the time or energy for that, lol. Instead, then, for the sake of catching folks up, I'm just going to throw it all out there. Here's what's going on:


  • Got his drivers license today! (He did, btw, let me take a picture of him getting his photo taken for the license...but I had to promise not to post it, lol.)

  • Has his advising appointment to register for fall classes next week.
  • Will be taking the SAT in a few weeks (having already taken the ACT twice, the PSAT twice and two SAT subject tests...so he's not hugely worried).
  • Has three college campus visits lined up in mid-April.
  • Has one more JOAD tournament for the season (just after all the campus visits). It's the state tournament and he's switched from shooting compound bow to barebow, which has actually been a nice change of pace and beneficial to his shooting.


  • Continues to enjoy learning to play the violin.
  • Is finishing some repairs and tweaking to their Wright Stuff glider for the state Science Olympiad competition in a few weeks (along with some other prep/review in the other events he does).
  • Intends to continue homeschooling through high school, and we've been working at coming up with our plan...which has involved going to an annual homeschool convention/used book sale and finding some fun things along with starting to make wish lists and doing lots of thinking and reading. 


  • Like Asher, continues to prep/review for the state Science Olympiad competition.
  • Recently started his own black belt testing...which means increased time at karate along with some cardio training (swimming) between now and the end of July. Rather than explain the process all again, I'm lazy and will just direct you to my posts about Asher's testing here and here. Differences this time around include the fact that I don't have to go looking for a practice partner, as Asher fits the bill and they've agreed to work together. (This is good as, like with Asher, there just aren't that many small black belts around to ask, lol. It also means I don't need to coordinate with someone else to make sure they have availability and will show up at the right times.) Also, Micah actually does need more work in the cardio department, as he doesn't do gymnastics like Asher and is younger and smaller than Asher was. (I was just re-reading that second post...and Asher actually really has gotten bigger since his training. In the one year after earning his black belt, he shot up a good number of inches and added about 20 pounds!) In any case, it'll be a number of months of hard work on Micah's part, but he says he's ready for it.
  • Has developed a keen interest in oceanography and is looking forward to a Marine Biologist for a Day program down at the Denver Aquarium next week. 
  • Has landed the role of Pirate King for his Options drama class spring production. He's pretty excited about the costume. :)


  • Are, obviously, keeping busy with all that stuff for the boys (and planning all that stuff and getting boys to all that stuff), lol.
  • Nathan has some meetings with clients in NY so has been working extra getting that ready and all...and not getting enough sleep and needing to buy more business casual type clothes. :)
  • I got into the City Works 101 program here in Fort Collins and am pretty excited about it. You can read more about it here. Last night was the first session and I've already learned great stuff. I figured this is a great chance to get involved and learn more...given that my degrees are actually in political science, law and public policy...and that our current political climate particularly encourages more participation...and that these boys are going to get older and that means I'll probably re-enter the work force at some point. (Plus, it's fun taking a class for me!)

  • Incidentally, Asher, Micah and I went on a homeschool group field trip to City Hall back at the beginning of March. We listened to the mayor speak and explain Fort Collins government. I forgot to take a picture, though, so then forgot to post about it. :)

And that's why I haven't been blogging much lately. ;) 

ETA: I forgot to mention in my list that during the month I've also added a nephew, gone out with a bestie for an awesome afternoon of eating and chatting and shopping, tried a trial fitness class at the gym for a week, met up with a friend at the gym for our own working out weekly, continued going to boot camp three days a week, started having Noah write practice college application essays weekly, gotten a haircut (trim) and cut all my guys' hair...among other things.

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