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Good news. Bad news.

I know I'm behind and am now going out of order. Too bad. ;) 

The good news.

So, on Friday, Asher and Micah competed in their karate school's annual tournament. Friday night was traditional forms and weapons forms. Both boys did a great job with their respective traditional forms and took first place in their divisions. They were pretty darn stoked because this year everyone got trophies instead of medals.

(They were actually recycled trophies from competitions past that the school had a plethora of. Rather than buy new medals, they opted to repurpose these trophies. From what I could see, the kids were dang happy about this, as they were pretty big trophies, lol. I think it was rather brilliant...the school cleared some space and the kids got bigger/better trophies than a tournament of this size would have purchased to give out. Everybody was happy.)

After the traditional forms, Asher competed in weapons forms. This was a new category this year (at least for the years we've attended) and Asher was pretty excited to be able to compete, having learned a number of weapons forms for demo team. As it turned out, though, Asher was the only one to compete. The judges gave him perfect tens and he was delighted. :)

Here's Micah's traditional form (points for the awesome mohawk, too, lol), Asher's weapons form and the two of them sporting their big ol' trophies (the middle one is Asher's from the weapons form):

Saturday morning, Micah competed in the sparring portion of the tournament and managed to take first in his division in overtime. He's pretty dang proud of himself, particularly as he's only been sparring for a month or so.

Initially, neither boy was going to compete in the sparring, but Micah changed his mind when he realized that if he sparred, he'd have as many trophies as Asher. ;) (Also, he was asked specifically if he'd consider it, as they needed more little ones, lol.) For reasons that I'll explain momentarily, I wasn't there so don't have any photos. Nathan did video it for me, so I've seen it, but no still photos were taken. Micah, though, is freakin' adorable in sparring gear. :) 

The bad news.

So, why wasn't I there Saturday morning? Well, I was busy taking Asher to the doctor and to be x-ray'd, of course. It's my own fault really. About a week ago I was commenting to someone that Asher hadn't injured himself in awhile. I even knocked on wood! Sigh. 

What happened is that Friday afternoon I had both boys put on their full karate uniform and practice their forms before the tournament. I wanted to make sure that the jackets (which they don't wear during class) didn't throw them off. During that, Asher simply scooted out of the way in the basement, to avoid getting kicked by Micah. No one touched him and he wasn't going crazy or anything. He collapsed in pain, having somehow bent his big toe. 

We iced it and gave him ibuprofen and tried to get him to rest it. Though we could see that it was swollen and already bruising, he insisted he was fine and we went to the tournament. You read about that all above. We did notice that he was reluctant to put his full weight on that right foot, but adrenaline won out and got him through the forms. After the tournament, we went to grab a quick dinner before Asher and I returned for his demo team practice. Though grimacing throughout, he refused to leave and thus practiced for an hour or so before I finally took him home. 

The next morning, then, Nathan took Micah to the sparring portion while I took Asher to the doctor. As we suspected, he'd hyperextended that big toe (commonly referred to as "turf toe"). Just to be sure, though, the doctor did order an x-ray to rule out any fractures (because that would just be Asher's luck, right?). Being now quite familiar with the x-ray department at the south campus near our home, Asher and I were in and out of there in no time and I'd had a chance to look at the x-ray to see that neither the technician nor I could detect any fractures:

A call from the doctor that afternoon confirmed this. Whew. (Sidenote. I really ought to start and keep a log of Asher's injuries and how many times he's been x-rayed. The boy is going to glow soon.) Anyhow, as the pain and swelling had now increased a good bit, we got him home after that and spent most of the day trying to convince him to sit still with his foot elevated.

So. Per doctor's orders, Asher's to try to stay off his foot for 2-3 weeks to allow that to heal. He's wearing a rigid-soled shoe to limit bending and isn't allowed back to things like karate or PE. Trying to explain to him that going back to his normal activity levels too soon will only set him back in the healing process is not going so well. He's also pretty miffed that neither of his brothers has really ever been injured. This is all made even worse by the fact that it finally, finally snowed a decent amount this winter (something Asher's been hoping for more than most)...just as Asher got orders to not run and jump and such. He's rather indignant and mad at the snow right now. The other two aren't thrilled either, since it seems unfair to take them sledding or something when we'd have to keep Asher home and indoors. (Because you know that if tried to go sledding he'd end up with a broken collarbone or something, lol.) 

Whew. So. That's at least part of how things have been going around here lately. If you have any tricks for keeping the most active of my three off his feet, I'd love to hear 'em. Even just watching movies he prefers to jump around the room. Oy.

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Ouch! Poor kid. Fabulous LO and story though!!

February 24, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterSusan E

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