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This is me...a happy wife, mom to three awesome boys, teacher to two of the aforementioned boys (we homeschool), chauffeur to karate, archery and all sorts of other activities, former scrapbooker and founder of the 
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They're growing up.

Um, did you realize it's almost July? Okay, not like tomorrow, but way sooner than it's supposed to be in my head. My youngest two will celebrate birthdays in July. Sniff. Asher will be 5 (oh my gosh, how did that happen?!) and Micah will be 2. Asher and I had our "special night" tonight (Nathan and I rotate so the boys have a special night out with each of us every three rotations...complicated but we figure it out). I love our special nights. It gives me a chance to really focus on one boy and is always surprising to me to see how much they're growing. For all that he's in practically the smallest percentage on the growth charts, my middle guy is becoming a big boy.

Of course, he'd better prepare himself for the fact that his baby brother is going to pass him up soon in the weight department. Out of curiosity tonight, we put all the boys (individually) on the scale. Noah's a slim 43 pounds...Asher's a wee 34 pounds...and my baby Micah is already at about 29 pounds (or 30, hard to get him to stay on the scale *laugh*). Um, folks, the other two didn't hit 30 pounds until they were 3 years old. Micah seems bound and determined to do his own thing...while they all started out as big babies and stayed in the top percentiles through 12 months, the first two slimmed down considerably once mobile and are now on the smaller side for their ages. Micah doesn't seem to share this disposition. He's not slowed at all and has weighed more than either of his brothers at the same respective ages since he was 5 months old. I'm already dreading feeding him as a teenager (never mind the fact that when he turns 13, his brothers will be 16 and 17.5...yeah, three teenage boys are going to eat me out of house and home). :)

Okay, I have to share this picture with you.


Nathan took it while I was away at CKU and he was building and launching rockets with the boys. It just melts my heart. Look at my sweet boys. Micah was apparently upset over not having long enough legs to catch up or something (as the other two ran to retrieve rockets) and Asher came over to help his baby brother out. I have a whole series of pictures that follow this one of Asher helping Micah up and them walking toward their daddy holding hands. Seriously going into a layout soon!  I'm constantly amazed by how very much these three sincerely love each other...so blessed.


A blast from the past.

Almost finished unpacking from my awesome time at CKU last week. Had a BLAST! Rather than bombard you with pictures, though, let me just share these two for right now...


Me and my old college roomies! We've known each other almost 14 years now and manage to keep in touch regularly. Though we weren't able to convince the other two from our "Whitworth gang" to join us, the three of us had a spectacular time attending CKU together. So very lucky to have such cool friends! (Now, if we could just convince them all to move here to Colorado, LOL!...you know I'm talking to you, Hos!) 

And, a highlight of the trip for me...I ran into these two great gals. I went to grade school and high school with them! Seriously cool catching up with them and it just goes to show that scrapbooking really does bring the whole world closer together. ;)


Okay, back to unpacking... ;) 


Leaving on a jet plane...

Wheeeee-hoo! (hey, it's a word!) Leaving in the morning for Anaheim and CKU. So incredibly excited. So not packed yet. ;)

So, if you need to reach me in the next few days, I'll likely be unavailable. Sorry. I promise to get back to you when I return.

In the meantime, I'll leave you with these sweet pictures of my boys...because, heck, they're just cute. :) Here's Noah hamming it up while we were playing miniature golf the other day:


And Asher in a typical Asher state...grumpy with me about something (don't worry, it didn't last long) :)


And sweet Micah, just out for a ride:


Doesn't get much better than that. Be good while I'm away! 


Because I see your face is happy...

Oh my goodness. Seriously silly dinner conversation tonight. The boys were, ahem, a wee bit wound up...running like whatever runs insanely after each other throughout the house (okay, so like boys)...growling and jumping and all sorts of mayhem, right? We sit down to dinner. Numerous jokes with the wrong or modified punch lines ensue. So much so that Nathan is cringing and trying not to spew and asking if he can go hide.

So. As is my prerogative as the mom, I decided to mess with the little rascals a bit, right? (I do this fairly often and feel it is my duty as a mother.) I announced that I am an alien. To which, they immediately (and predictably) began listing off reasons that this just wasn't so...

"All aliens are green with purple pointy ears and black eyes" they said...I had to ask why they thought this...Noah said it's like that in all the movies...I said, "what about Independence Day where the aliens are kind of greyish?"...he says, "well, bad aliens are different colors sometimes but the good ones are all green"...of course, what was I thinking?

At this point, I also pointed out that since they're my sons they, themselves, were part alien. Again, vehement denials and some strange explanation from Noah about how aliens don't have babies. This, obviously, begged the question, "if aliens don't have babies, how do they get more aliens?" Noah says, "they start out bigger like kid size, of course." Duh.

By this point, Asher was getting a bit worked up about the whole thing and determined to end it all by telling me that I was joking. "How do you know that I'm not telling the truth?" I ask. He says simply..."because I see your face is happy" and then he gives me this look...you know, the look that says you should know better and stop asking pointless questions. And he left the table.  Guess he told me. ;)


Who knew?

Okay, I'm totally supposed to be doing other things right now (Nathan has all the boys upstairs and I came down to my office to get some work done), but first I just have to show you something. Any of you who have known me awhile probably know I've had this off and on battle with biting my nails. Well, I found a solution! Look:


Yeah, they're not "real"...and it's not really a cost efficient solution...but look how pretty they are! ;)  Backstory...I got my nails done for the very first time about a month ago when I flew out to Utah to film some CK instructional dvds (trust me, you did NOT want to see how my nails really looked). They were so cool I've been maintaining them...told myself just through the middle of June when I go to CKU, right? Until today, I'd just been having plain, boring clear polish. Then, the gal today shows me all these awesome airbrush designs they can do. Dude. I may be hooked. Even after I let these fake nails grow out, the airbrushing thing is so cool. I totally want one. :) Can't you just imagine how much fun that would be on my layouts? (Yeah, yeah...I can do this already using masks and ink...and I *do* sometimes...but a fun new toy never hurt anyone...hee hee.)