Hi there.
This is me...a happy wife, mom to three awesome boys, teacher to two of the aforementioned boys (we homeschool), chauffeur to karate, archery and all sorts of other activities, former scrapbooker and founder of the 
Good Grief Blog.
Life is good.



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More than meets the eye...

Couldn't help myself? :) Are you familiar with the Transformers? I have fond memories of watching the shows after school growing up...and not so fond memories of stepping on my brother's Optimus Prime and cutting my foot open on the smoke stack thingie. I digress.

We recently watched the new Transformers movie with the boys, having waited for the dvd release rather than taking them to the theater. At first they were reluctantly enthralled...now they're full out crazy with it. This afternoon, for example, we were having a bit of pretend play. Here's how it went...

Apparently, they informed me, Noah and Asher are the "goods" but are not Autobots; they prefer to be called the Sabertooths. Nathan (when he gets home) and I are the Decepticons. My name (which I chose myself) is "The Big Mean." Nathan gets to be "Megatron" when he gets home. Micah is "CutiePuss" and transforms into "TiggerPuss" when dressed...we're not sure whose side he's on. Noah chose the name of "StarStrike" and is, of course, the leader of the Sabertooths...being able to transform into any number of things and having an invisible shield to protect him from me (however, he didn't count on my secret weapon of tickling). He's presently looking for the clue to find the AllSpark amid his spelling list (which I'm giving him as I type).

Asher's chosen name? This is the one that just busts me up (as he usually does). I honestly don't know where this came from...


Yes. Really. :) How can you not just spend the day laughing with boys like this?! 

ETA: By the way, got lots more to say so be sure to check back tonight and/or tomorrow!



Hee hee. Went to get a drink the other day and this is what I found:


Turns out Micah put it there (it's his anyhow). When asked, though, Asher informed me that it was there to keep the bad guys from getting his special drink. Yup. 'Cause there's an abundance of bad guys out there after strawberry Boost. Really. ;) 



Change is inevitable. Or so they tell me. :) A couple random changes on my mind at the moment...

First, Micah is testing his boundaries. The little 2 year old bugger is darn lucky he's so freakin' adorable. He's totally into telling me "no" lately, particularly when I tell him to apologize after hitting his brothers. Ugh. On the plus side, he's also very into puzzles (and doing them *himself*) and putting more and more words together. Does it balance out? I'll let you know.

Second, Creating Keepsakes is getting a new look! The January issue will debut their new cover design and content. Personally, I really like the new look. And I hope ya'll will enjoy the new content. ;) 


An Asherism...and my weekend...

So, Asher decided he was going to make a "love note"...he started drawing five hearts (one for each of us) and asking me to verify his spelling on everyone's name (he mostly just needed help with Micah). As he was writing, he explained to me why he loves each of us. Apparently, and I quote, "Noah helps me, Daddy lets me do things, you (mommy) get me snacks, and Micah's funny." (Upon hearing that last bit, Micah immediately set about doing a silly dance, by the way, just to prove the point.) I'm not sure how to feel about that. ;)

Yesterday (Saturday), I had a lovely day. I spent the day at my local scrapbook store (which is the BEST ever!) with friends...shopping and scrapbooking and shopping some more. There's something about shopping with a fellow scrapbooker that just dissolves your budgetary intentions, isn't there? :) In any case, I had a blast. Didn't get as much done on my project as I'd hoped, but it's all good. I'm working on it now at home and have it mostly to the little details stage. It's my first memorial album for my dad...I'm not quite ready to share any of the pages yet. Hope you understand.

After my scrapbooking day, I met up with my guys at Barnes and Noble for a bit of window shopping and "special drinks" (aka Strawberries & Cream Frappacinos from Starbucks) for the boys then went to Red Lobster for some crab. (As the only seafood lover in our family, this is a rare treat.)  

Woke up this morning to Noah throwing up (don't worry, he's definitely on the mend and better now...kid hardly ever gets sick and when he does it's gone in a day...yes, totally knocking on wood).  So we've had a very lazy, stay at home kind of day here. Which was nice.

All in all, a lovely weekend. How was yours? 


Happy Friday!

Just some random things that made me happy today:

1. Walking in to a room and finding my three boys engrossed in a book together about Roman times. (Noah was reading to the other two about Mt. Vesuvius. Man I love Magic Tree House books, especially these research guides.) 

2. The "pause" feature on the dvr. Seriously don't know what we did without that.

3. Leftovers. I hate coming up with a new idea for lunch. Leftovers are perfect. :)

4. Finding Micah's crocs! We've been looking for these for about a week now...knew they were in the house somewhere but honestly could NOT find them. We even offered the other two a reward of $1 if they found them (which means they've pretty much turned the house inside out). Still. No crocs. Today, though, Asher (hero of the day) happened upon them while he was looking for something else...and promptly brought them to me to collect his dollar. :) The crocs, since I know you're wondering, were in the boys' "clubhouse for fun" (a big cardboard box with a door and windows cut into it) upstairs. Whew. And because this little thing honestly makes me so happy, here's a picture from this past summer of my Micah enjoying his crocs:


5. I have it on good authority that Santa found one of the elusive items on his list for one of the boys today. Something tells me his "helper" was pretty darn thrilled with herself. ;)

So. What made you happy today?