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This is me...a happy wife, mom to three awesome boys, teacher to the aforementioned boys (we homeschool), chauffeur to karate, archery and swim team practices, scrapbooker and founder of the Good Grief Blog.
Life is good.



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Sharing my toys...

So I had this grand idea about reorganizing my stamps. To start, some crazy thought entered my mind about spreading out all my stamps on the floor so I could get a better idea as to what I needed in the way of storage, right? As I had them spread out in my office yesterday, I was sitting at my computer doing something and Micah wandered in (he'll be 22 months old next week, yikes!). He seemed to be playing nicely and not getting into anything so I went back to what I was doing. After a bit he toddled on out, happy as could be. I turned around and found this:


Maybe I'm just weird (okay, not maybe) but this was just so beautiful to me. I've not even seen him attempt to stack the wooden blocks we have for that purpose as of yet, but look. (Totally amazed he didn't knock the tower down.) Man stamps are cool. ;)

Incidentally, I still haven't figured out what I'm going to do storage wise. I have lots of cool ideas that require more space than I currently have and a few that would work with what space I do have but require some lucky finds (can't really peruse the antique stores with the boys in tow *laugh*). In the meantime, I just piled them all up again so I can vacuum.  Isn't that how it always goes?

Well, we don't have any big plans for Memorial Day weekend. My mom is flying in tomorrow (yay!) so we'll probably/hopefully do some shopping and will likely grill in the backyard. Other than that, though, nothing special. Looking forward to just a nice weekend with those I love. How 'bout you? 


Prism Card Contest

Just a quick announcement: 

Prism is thrilled to announce a contest for World Card Making Day! We are hoping you can help us by creating cards that will "WOW" the world! Let your creativity run wild and show us cards for every occasion ( i.e. Birthday, Anniversary, Valentine's Day, etc.) made with Prism Papers.

REQUIREMENTS: The cards can be any size you choose. You are allowed to use tools of your choice...such as punches, die cut machines, stamps, computer printing etc. You can use generic embellishments such as ribbon, mini brads, simple rub ons etc. But if embellishments are used, they should be used in very limited amounts only to accent the card stock. We ask that each card uses Prism Cardstock only (no printed paper). Our goal is for each card to be 99% Prism Cardstock.

Card images must be emailed to prismpapers.contests@gmail.com by 11:59pm MST on June 4 th along with a product supply list. Product supply list must contain: your first and last name, phone number, and specific names of all cardstock colors used as well as any other accents used. Winners will be announced on our website www.prismpapers.com on June 11th.

The PRIZE for winning cards will be a collection of our wonderful Prismatics valued at over $100.

We hope you are as excited about this contest as we are! We can't wait to be amazed by your incredible talent!

There ya have it. As part of the Prism Papers Design Team, I can tell you that this is an awesome company and very generous! So, get creating! 


Bleh, but then again, not so much...

Apparently, I need deadlines. I haven't really had any big scrapping assignments this month. It feels a little odd. At first, I thought, "okay, this is good...time to regroup, find some balance, refocus on homeschooling...maybe even get some of my own scrapping projects done." After months of big assignment after big assignment, it seemed like a good thing, right? But. I find myself staring at my scrap supplies more often than not. I can't seem to find the inspiration to complete any projects lately. I find myself in "shuffling" mode...you know...shuffling papers around my desk and then shuffling them again just for the sake of shuffling. ;) I just plain work better with deadlines.

However. All is not lost. I've been having great fun with the boys and really *have* been managing to get some aspects of our life in order. Look at these silly boys earlier this week. It had rained that morning and while the guy with the mobile AC repair was working on the van (again...we did this same thing last summer), they escaped the house to play in the puddles in the street. (Fortunately, our cul-de-saq is wonderfully quiet.)




Yes, Noah and Asher are still in pajamas. Yes, I probably should have had them stop playing in the middle of the street, particularly when they soaked Micah with their splashing. Yes, the AC repair guy probably thought I was nuts grabbing the camera rather than a towel. But, look at how much fun they had. I love times like these...such incredibly simple and cheap entertainment.

So, I may not have been "productive" with my scrapping this month, but I'm not worried. I'm collecting plenty of material to scrap later... :) 


Camping highlights.

Yay! We had such a nice weekend! Once upon a time, Nathan and I enjoyed going camping. Since having kids, though, we just really haven't had the opportunity. We've been wanting to at least make a start, though; and, when a friend of Nathan's offered the use of his cabin for the weekend, we planned an impromptu camping trip. Picked up some new sleeping bags for the boys (wow...why didn't they have sleeping bags like these years ago? Nathan and I are definitely going to have to get some for ourselves...great CO company called Big Agnes with way awesome stuff) and headed out Saturday.

Incidentally, dude, packing for camping (even just overnight) with three little boys takes up a lot more room than you'd think...almost forgot diapers! We're so out of practice...did end up forgetting a number of things and taking way more than needed in other areas. For instance, totally forgot a first aid kit and then was paranoid the entire time that Asher (our accident prone one) was going to injure himself...fortunately, he didn't.

Anyhow, we arrived up there to see the lovely cabin and discover that the electricity and, therefore, running water, was not working. Not a huge deal, but we'd packed in anticipation of having those things.  No worries...had fun by candlelight (after moving all oil lamps out of Micah's reach) and it was a fun adventure in going back in time a bit (yup, worked some little history lessons right into it all).

Well, I could go on and on but instead I'll just give you a brief run-down by way a handful of the weekend's pictures. To start with, Micah got right to business playing in the dirt while we unloaded...


We then set up the tent for Nathan, Noah & Asher...played some games...made a campfire. Noah & Asher weren't impressed by smores (don't know what's wrong with them) but Micah thought it was all great fun (and had to continually be retrained from walking too close to the fire). ;) Asher was just mesmerized...


Then it was time for bed. Micah and I slept in the cabin's beautiful guest room, cozy with the fireplace going downstairs. Nathan and the other two slept out in the tent (by choice, there was plenty of room inside). Gotta love those new sleeping bags. (The boys are still trying to sleep in them now that we're home. They have a wonderful pocket on the bottom for an air mattress so you don't slide off ever...very comfy!)


After a yummy breakfast over the gas stove, we set out on our "exploring walk" (NOT a hike, as Asher refused to go on a hike). We MAYBE did a mile round trip what with little legs and all, but it was a fun little walk...stopping for a few pictures (both Noah and I holding things up when we stopped to take photos) and to examine things.




We made it back to the cabin to refuel. Then, Micah, Asher and I stayed behind while Noah and Nathan took off for a bit more of an actual hike...climbing up out of the little canyon we were in to see this view.


After they got back, we all packed up and headed back home. Whew. Well, that was a brief run down and just a handful of the 300-400 pictures that Noah and I took. ;) Good times. 


Rainbows in the oddest places.

So, the boys and I were visiting with my good friend, Melissa, yesterday. Between Melissa and I, there are six kids...a six year old, two almost five year olds and three almost two year olds. Yeah. It was busy. ;) While the kids were playing in the backyard, we noticed that they created a rainbow of Crocs when lined up by age. How weird is that? We tried to get them all to actually line up for us, but did you hear the part about a six year old, two almost five year olds and three almost two year olds? In the end, we took off their Crocs and lined them up ourselves then set about taking pictures, of course. (Melissa and I are both signed up for CKU in Anaheim and are taking Ali's A Week in the Life album track so have a LOT of pictures to take.)


So, anyone have any big plans this weekend? I had planned to finally work on a banner heading for this blog but turns out we're going to go camping. Yay! With the boys and life and all, we haven't been camping in ages. True, this particular experience will be cabin-based camping with conveniences like bathrooms and a kitchen, but it's a start. I just cleared off the camera card so that I can take plenty of pictures. Now I need to go pack some stuff! ;) Happy weekend to y'all!