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First few days...

So. Last Monday (7/31), we headed out on a summer road trip. We spent the first day just driving (and driving and driving) to Great Falls, Montana (about 10.5 hours of drive time, not counting stops). We stayed at a lovely hotel with heightist bathrooms (I literally couldn't reach the showerhead and had trouble reaching the towels and comfortably using the countertop)...it was well designed but I definitely don't see how kids could use that bathroom without a stool being provided, lol.

Anyhow. :) Tuesday, we drove from there to Glacier National Park and enjoyed the day driving through the park via the Going to the Sun Road.

We hiked from Sun Point past some falls that I can't remember the name of until we reached St Mary's Falls. (The top three pictures are along the hike. The bottom left is St Mary's Falls.) While we were there, people were jumping from the bridge into the freezing water below--it was pretty impressive and my guys were all sad that they hadn't brought suits and towels. I, personally, was fine with just watching, lol.

We continued our drive through the park, stopping at Logan's Pass and a couple of pull outs and at Lake McDonald (the two bottom right pictures). We ended up in Kalispell, MT that night for dinner and a hotel (with a normal bathroom and a decent breakfast the next morning).

The next day (Wednesday), we drove from Kalispell to Yakima (about 7 hours of drive time) to visit with Nathan's parents and take Nathan's grandma out to dinner and have a lovely visit with her. We neglected to take a picture during the daylight but did remember to get one:

Thursday morning I consented to run on a treadmill (instead of outside) given the poor air quality (wildfires in Canada, Idaho and Montana were causing a good bit of haze and smoke in Washington, Idaho and Montana) then we spent a quiet day just enjoying time with John & Nancy...going out to brunch to celebrate Nancy's birthday (a few days early) and playing games and seeing the house they're renovating/selling and taking pictures...

In that bottom left picture, Micah and Asher are making a grandpa sandwich and sporting their new Scottish hats that John & Nancy brought back from their recent trip there. The hats are both variations of the McLean family plaid (Nancy's maiden name is McLean). 

After dinner, we got back on the road and drove back from Yakima to Spokane (about 3.5 hours) where we found our AirBNB and crashed for the night.

More on the rest of our trip soon...

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