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Ten on Tuesday

Realizing I'm rather behind on keeping a record here. So, here are ten things going on here lately...

1. Since getting his license and becoming all official, Noah's been driving himself to class and to archery practice. It's lovely not having to take him. But I also kind of miss the time in the car with him. :(

2. I've made up for that recently with college campus visits. ;) He and I drove up to Laramie to visit the University of Wyoming last week (it's about 1 hour 20 minutes away):

It was a good visit and we learned lots of valuable information and appreciate the dedicated attention given. He could definitely see himself there. 

Two days later we were at the Colorado School of Mines for the Science Olympiad thing. We didn't do an organized tour/visit but did walk around the campus to get a feel for it.

Then, yesterday, we attended the CSU Honors Visit Day:

Given the event, it was less personal than the University of Wyoming visit but still full of useful information. (Plus, they fed us during this one, given that we were there over the lunch hour, lol.) CSU is also definitely a top pick at this point.

Oy. I'm getting tired already just thinking about all the application and scholarship paperwork in the coming months!

3. Relatedly, Noah also took the SATs and the required school science testing for juniors recently. He's anxiously awaiting results and hoping that the two ACTs, two PSATs and two SAT subject tests that he's taken in the past year paid off in terms of practice. (He feels like they did.)

4. Also not long ago, Asher and Micah and I went to see Anne of Avonlea at the Rialto Theater in Loveland. It was put on by a homeschool theater group, and one of the boys' friends was in it. Given the personal connection, they actually enjoyed it more than anticipated, and I thought it was very well done.

5. Nathan's work continues to be somewhat all consuming. They're a bit short staffed and pressed for time...which means Nathan's been working very long hours. It also means he's not been as available to us...and that he may have mentioned to them that perhaps they should send me flowers:

I appreciate the gesture and the recognition of the extra time and support I've been putting in. But I'd rather just have more time with my husband. ;)

6. Last week, we also had the pleasure of attending a friend's art show. This was one of our favorite pieces:

We were impressed by the diversity of work showcased and happy to have been able to share in the experience.

7. Both Noah and Micah have now been registered for fall classes (Noah at Front Range Community College again and Micah at Options). Noah's looking at calculus based physics, microeconomics, interpersonal communications and differential equations. (That last one is still a little up in the air...as it's an online course. We've been talking with colleges about whether they'd prefer to see an online course like that in his senior year or simply a year with no math classes and have gotten mixed responses. FRCC, though, is out of in person math classes for the boy unless we have him drive down to Denver.)

Micah will find out which Options classes he got in June, though we generally only use those for enrichment so aren't too worried about it.

And Asher will be strictly homeschooling with me, so I'll be finalizing his schedule over the summer.

8. I need to go get a new passport this week. I don't have any travel plans, sadly, but feel the need to update my identification since I don't have a birth certificate (being adopted from Korea) and most of my "official" documents all have different names on them, lol. (My parents changed my middle name when I was little and also I've gotten married.) Unfortunately, my old passport has been expired for too many years (it still has my maiden name on it) so the process requires a new passport. Bleh.

9. During our annual egg hunt on Sunday, I may have tried to sneak some life lessons in, lol. We had a very quiet Easter here at home (particularly given our very full Saturday, we didn't do much this year) but still hid 72 eggs around the house. Over the years, the hiding spots have become more difficult. This year, many of the hiding spots required boys to actually lift-things-up-and-look-under-them. LOL. Unsurprisingly, those were the last ones found. ;)

10. Amid all of that, these past couple of weeks have also been full with the normal karate, gymnastics, archery and school stuff...additional appointments for boys (like the orthodontist)...getting the sprinkler system turned back on for the season and having some repairs made...black belt testing stuff (the scheduled training sessions, check points, additional work for learning a different weapons form, and the added cardio and strength training)...updating and prepping the Colorado state JOAD statistics (I volunteer to track these for the season for the state as well as our local team...have had some corrections come in at the last minute that need updating before the state tournament this Saturday)...and continuing to attend and enjoy my City Works classes weekly. 

Have I mentioned that I'm really looking forward to May? :) (when most schoolwork, Science Olympiad, archery and City Works will be done...)

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