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A tale of three bedrooms

I'm thrilled to announce that our summer bedroom project is now pretty much done. Woohoo!

So. If you recall, here's where we started from. And here's where we're at now. 

First, I'll show you Noah's room. Once we got all the "stuff" out of the room, it went pretty quickly (though the purging and reorganizing of all that stuff was a ginormous task that I really don't want to deal with again, lol). The left column is "before" and the right is "after."

Things we did in Noah's room:

  • Removed all that stuff. (This had been the storage room for most everything. It was overflowing, lol.)
  • Had the carpet re-stretched. (It was pretty wrinkled from poor installation and we were fortunate to find someone willing to come stretch just that one room for not much at all.)
  • Painted the walls grey and the ceiling and closet a slightly lighter grey. (I absolutely refused to paint either black, which is what the boy wanted. We also refused to paint the trim black, as requested.)
  • Changed out the light fixture. (We ended up just getting fixtures to match the one we put in Asher's room back when we first moved here.)
  • Removed the closet doors and added some shelves...black, of course.
  • Changed out all the outlets and switches...to black with brushed chrome covers. Because the boy talked his dad into it. ;) (In the end, all three boys ended up with all new outlets and switches and covers. Noah's are black with chrome, Asher's are white with covers painted to match his walls, and Micah's are off-white with wooden covers. Nathan let them pick. I'd have picked what Asher did, lol.)
  • Changed the window treatment. (We took down the battered mini-blinds in all three rooms and installed IKEA drapes instead.)
  • Added a desk (black again) and chair. 

We also hung display wires in each boy's room, identical to the one we have hanging in the hallway with boys' artwork. I figure this will work better than having boys put up posters and such over the years and having a gazillion holes poked in the walls. Plus, I love how tidy it looks. ;) Right now, Noah has all his medals and ribbons hanging on his...plus an old cover of a Mac laptop that he and Nathan took apart. 

(Yes, I was surprised, too, that Noah hung those colorful ribbons in his otherwise colorless room, lol.) Still working on some artwork to hang in all three rooms (have a couple Star Wars prints on order, lol). It would be nice, too, one of these days to get an actual headboard and such for the bed, but the room is complete for now. (Noah thinks the room would be more complete with the Macbook Air he's got his eye on, lol.)

Next is Asher. His room required the least work.

 Here's what we did:

  • Removed two of the beds (and two of the boys, lol).
  • Repainted one of the blues. (It's hard to tell in the pictures, but there are three shades of blue in Asher's room. We repainted only the lightest blue...basically the same color but ever so slightly lighter. We also repainted the inside of the closet to be the lightest blue instead of the medium blue.)
  • Added a desk. Rather than an office chair, Asher chose an exercise ball...which better suits his active personality anyhow. ;)
  • Took out the rain gutters in the closet and added shelves for Asher's legos. (The closet already is larger than the other two and has shelves, but Asher can't reach them all, lol.)
  • Changed out the window treatment...mounted near the ceiling for nice long lines.

And. For his birthday, we got Asher a comfy "reading chair" for the extra space he had in the corner:

He's pretty delighted overall, and the chair actually is rather comfy. ;) Still on the lookout for a lamp that Asher approves of. So, that's Asher's room.

Finally, we have Micah's room. His took the longest. :) Again, the before pictures are on the left and the after are on the right:

Micah's room involved:

  • Removing all the legos (which took a good bit and required much shuffling to keep everything "organized" by boy, lol) and existing wall shelves and drawers.
  • Painting the walls green and the closet brown. (We convinced him to leave the ceiling light yellow.)
  • Replacing the window treatment, just like Asher's but green. :)
  • Replacing the light fixture. (This actually became quite a headache, as we couldn't figure out how to get the old ceiling fan/light down (even after asking at Home Depot)...so then we accidentally busted the ceiling getting it down and had to have Nathan get a new fixture box and crawl into the attic to switch it out.)
  • Adding a desk and chair. The desk ended up also taking longer. We bought all three boys' desks at IKEA...the modular dealios where you can get the tabletops and then choose your legs/base. Micah, though, didn't get a standard size, ready-to-go top like his brothers. He wanted an "L" shape and he wanted it to look like Nathan's. (He can be a little demanding, that boy, lol.) So, Nathan obliged and got the same butcher block countertop. He cut it and sanded it and finished it and mounted it to the desk mounting system IKEA had. Those legs are adjustable so the desk can grow with Micah...love that! (Incidentally, Asher's desk legs are adjustable as well.)

Here's a picture of that desk:

And that, friends, is our bedroom project for the time being. ;) 

(Yes, I'll admit to making the beds before I took these pictures, lol. Other than that, though, the boys have actually kept their rooms pretty tidy for a couple weeks now, as we've been finishing little touches.)

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Reader Comments (2)

Beautiful! I love that each boy's room is unique and matches their personalities! Nice work!

July 21, 2012 | Unregistered Commenternp

The rooms look great and I love that you let the boys have so much input, even down to the outlets and covers. The wire display thingies are genius - I wish I had those when my boys were young. I notice the closets don't seem to be used for clothing, so where do they store clothes?

July 22, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJan

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